How to Make Reservation in Volaris Airlines. Explain Child and Pet Reservations

Apr 16


John Carl

John Carl

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Volaris Airlines is a popular Mexican airline that is known for offering its passengers with low-cost flight tickets. Further, to make the travel of the passengers comfortable and relaxing, the airline has introduced multiple online and on-board services to ensure that the passengers don't have any difficulty while planning their trip with the airline.


Besides,How to Make Reservation in Volaris Airlines. Explain Child and Pet Reservations Articles for the passengers who are planning a trip with Volaris Airlines and looking for the procedure to book Volaris Reservations, they are offered with two modes of booking that include online and offline.Further, to help out the passengers, here is the detailed procedure book a flight ticket with the airline. 

  • Visit the airline booking API and mention the departing and arrival locations for the reservations. 
  • State the number of passengers and travel date for the reservations. 
  • From the curated list of flights select one for booking the flight ticket. 
  • Further, provide the details of the passengers traveling and select the payment option to confirm the booking. 
  • Then, make payment for the reservations and confirm the booking. 

And in this way, one can confirm their booking their flight ticket with Volaris Airlines. Besides, for the passengers who are planning to travel with their kids and pets by Volaris Airlines, here are some of the basic pointers that would help them to confirm their booking with the airline.

Traveling with pets become easier 

For the passengers who wish to plan a trip with their fur buddy can now put all their worries at bay, as Volaris Airlines permits pet travel. However, before confirming the Volaris Pet Reservations, the passenger needs to keep these certain pointers in mind.

  • As per the standard airline policy, only dogs and cats can travel with Volaris Airlines.
  • Further, the pets under the age of four who are sick or in lactation are not permitted to travel. 
  • The airline has a limit of 2 onboard pets and 7 checked pets for each trip. Hence, it is recommended to the passengers to book pet reservations in advance. 
  • Also, the airline has restricted a few pets onboard that one can check by visiting the airline website or contacting the support. 
  • Moreover, at the time of confirming the pet reservations, the passenger needs to submit the vaccination record and health certificates required. 
  • For confirming the pet reservations, the passengers are recommended to contact the reservation department of the airline for confirming the ticket. 

Confirming reservations for kids

Traveling with kids can be stressful as for some passengers it becomes tricky to confirm Volaris Child Reservations. So, for all the passengers out there who are planning to travel with their kids, here are some of the major pointers for confirming reservations. 

  • As per the Volaris Airline policy, the airline permits aged between 7 days and 2 years. 
  • Also, the passenger is required to provide the valid identification documents for the infant before confirming their travel with the airline. 
  • Further, a passenger can travel with two infants, only if one of the infants is traveling in a car seat. 
  • The infants who are suffering from viral illness are not permitted to travel. 
  • Moreover, the children aged below 18 are offered with special assistance services that one can get to know by contacting the airline reservation department. 

Hence, this was the complete information regarding the pet and child reservations with Volaris Airlines. For the passengers who have queries regarding their travel plan can contact the reservation department of the airline.