How To Use Portable Wheelchair Ramps

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There are many types of portable wheelchair ramps. Portable ramps help people with disabilities gain access to places that do not have good ramps installed. 

Many buildings and other "public accommodations" still do not have ADA compliant handicapped-accessible ramps - hence the need for portable wheelchair ramps. Even though it's been law since 1992 that public buildings like stores and restaurants have building wheelchair ramps,Guest Posting many owners have yet to comply because the costs are so high. Those buildings constructed since '92 are typically not a problem, but older buildings often lack the space and proper architecture to successfully retrofit them without extensive work. Luckily, there is a relatively inexpensive solution to the problem: portable wheelchair ramps. Portable ramps are manufactured and designed to be affordable and dependable. They are strong as well as being easily storable and transportable. Many models are made to fold up and easily fit in the trunk of a car or back of your van. Folding models also have built in carrying handles to make use easier. Because no installation is required, you simply unfold the ramps and set them where they are needed. Built of lightweight but strong aluminum, this type of range has up to 600 pound capacity. (Total weight of wheelchair and occupant cannot exceed 600 pounds.)  When carrying space is at a premium, you'd be wise to look into rolled portable wheelchair ramps. This type of ramp is just what it's called - it completely rolls up into a small space and can be transported in a car trunk or back of a van, and also taken with you on plane trips by being checked as baggage. Though a rollup ramp might seem a little scary, be assured that they are strong and safe, with side rails to keep your wheels on the ramp and out of danger. One disadvantage to the rollup type of ramps is that the length is limited to shorter runs than some of the other, more rigid types. Ease of use and small storage size are what draw people to this type of ramp. To use, you simply unroll it, install the side rails for safety and extra rigidity, and use. A company in the United Kingdom, Jetmarine, is manufacturing portable wheelchair ramps out of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) that is both lightweight and extremely strong. The carrying capacity for these ramps is about 550 pounds total weight, including wheelchair and rider. They come in several different varieties, the most portable of which are the briefcase style ramps and the folding channel ramps. Both of these models should fit readily into your van, though the briefcase style may be too long for a car trunk. Both of these types also offer almost instant setup. You simply unfold and go. Portable wheelchair ramps have made it much easier for those people with disabilities to gain access to buildings that have not yet been equipped with permanent building wheelchair ramps. No longer do the disabled have to wait in the car or be excluded from functions because there is no handicapped accessibility to a building. Simply pull your own ramp out of your trunk, unfold, or unroll, and join the party. 

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