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Kashmir Tourism is flourishing. The natural beauty has attracted flocks of tourists to the destination and in the days to come it is sure to be the no. 1 destination around the globe.

Kashmir is known as paradise on earth. Thousands of tourists are   visiting Jammu and Kashmir every year,Guest Posting making Kashmir Tourism as an   indispensable for the economy of the state. The natural beauty of   Kashmir is luring more and more tourists to visit the state of Jammu and   Kashmir. The year 2011 has witnessed a huge flow of tourists visiting   the state breaking all previous records. If statistics are to be   believed, the estimate of the tourist flow till September this year was   more than one million which include both national as well as foreign   tourists. The lofty mountains, beautiful valley's, flowing rivers,   lakes, gardens etc allure the visiting tourists and inspire them to   revisit and act as ambassadors of Kashmir tourism.

Kashmir has no   other alternative when it comes to its natural beauty. Though it is a   small state but God has gifted it with abundant beauty. It is an   evergreen destination which offers something to the tourists in every   season, be it a summer or winter, spring or autumn. If it has vibrant   summer, it has a snow capped winter too. The evergreen nature allows   tourists to visit in any season and enjoy the beauty of nature. While   some tourists enjoy the beautiful summers at the hill stations of   Kashmir, some enjoy the snow fall during winters. There are some who   enjoy the beautiful springs of the Spring while some enjoy the golden   Autumn.

Kashmir offers ample locations to its visitors. It is hard   to count these locations but some of them worth to mention are   Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Dal-Lake, Sonmarg, Yousmarg, Wullar Lake etc. There   are so many other destinations which are coming up on the Kashmir Tourism Map and some which will take years to come up on the map. These   include Bangus, Lolab, Tarsar, Marsar etc about whom most of the   tourists have not heard of yet. Ladakh is also attracting a lot of   tourists and adding the charm to the tourism in the state of Jammu and   Kashmir. With every passing day, more destinations are being identified,   which may please the tourists.

If peace prevails in the valley, the years to come may witness Kashmir as the hot destination around the globe enabling Kashmir tourism to boom more and more. The need will be to build the infrastructure to   meet the flow of the tourists. With an unending list of tourist places   and treasure of beauty, it will tempt the world population to visit   Jammu and Kashmir.

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