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Las Vegas Trips – Sin City U.S.A or Family ... Vegas in the past was known for the 3 G’s – glitz, glamour, ... it hasn’t changed that much, except during the 90’s there was the big

Las Vegas Trips – Sin City U.S.A or Family Playground
Las Vegas in the past was known for the 3 G’s – glitz,Guest Posting glamour, gambling…and it hasn’t changed that much, except during the 90’s there was the big push to get families to Las Vegas, but let’s face it how many Las Vegas trips offered hotels or attractions for families with kids! So Las Vegas catered to the family trade for a while. The new motto for Vegas is “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”! that’s called latitude!The pendulum has definitely swung the other way. A Las Vegas trip today is like the days of old! Sin City, here we come. Now at the former Treasure Island you’ll find The Sexy Sirens of TI at Siren’s Cove in front of the famed newly named TI Hotel, with barley clothed sirens in a show billed as Song, Dance and Danger!At Rio Suites, their byline is Exotic, Uninhibited, Fun. Uninhibited.

A newly redesigned Shimmer Cabaret in The Las Vegas Hilton offers “Aussie Angels,” a hot new show that offers interaction of the dancers with the audience. Hot, Hot, Hot.In fact these days you don’t even have to go to the showrooms to view outrageously pretty gals, scantily clad, you can go to any of the major hotel pools or the discos or lounges. Try the pool at the Royal Palms. A trip to the biggest party pool at the Hard Rock should do it. More stars and super models than most, so be sure in you're in good shape if you go. Caesar's Palace offers the Garden of the Gods Pool and the Bellagio has an 85,000 square foot pool and holds the title for "most luxurious". Many good looking girls here as well.Gentlemen’s Clubs have increased in number and offer stunning topless revues. The Golden Nugget is a case in point with its “Hot Stuff” late night show. The Gentlemen’s clubs have multiplied, because of the lack of sexy shows in Vegas and lets face it’s what many visitors have always associated with Las VegasThere are of course “family shows and venues”. Excalibur offers a castle theme complete with kings, knights and fire-breathing dragon…Children under 12 can stay for F.R.E.E. and they even offer a F.R.E.E. buffet for children 4-10.  Circus Circus offer The World's Largest Permanent Circus, with world-renowned live circus acts performed F.R.E.E. every day. Children under 17 – no charge!

Families and kids can bowl at The Orleans, and Sam’s Town, and Texas Station. Kids will enjoy many shows in Vegas too, Lance Burton, Tournament of Kings Dinner Show at Excalibur. For just $12.00 kids can get lots of thrills when they ride the roller coaster "Manhattan Express at New York-New York". The new roller coaster “Speed” at Nascar Café reaches speeds of 70 M.P.H.For exposure to nature, take the kids to Mirage Hotel Las Vegas Dolphin Habitat, Just $12.00 for a wonderful dolphin show!

You know how kids love high-tech games. Take them to the Games of the Gods Arcade at the Luxor, best game arcade in Vegas! They might even enjoy a visit to King Tut’s Tomb while there.

Children under 17, stay F.R.E.E at The Flamingo, Paris Hotel offers F.R.E.E. rooms to children 18 years and younger! The Orleans – Children 12 years and younger stay F.R.E.E.We have presented our views of Las Vegas, Sin City or Family Attraction. Las Vegas has approximately 30,000,000 visitors every year! A venue for all!

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P.S. Now that you know where kids stay F.R.E.E - you can book a hotel accordingly.

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