Madikeri - a hill station in Kerala filled with bewitching natural beauty

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For a relaxing holiday in the midst of nature, Madikeri makes a good destination. Known for its unmatched natural beauty, tea estates, waterfalls etc., the city is a popular tourist destination in south India. Visit the city for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Madikeri with tariff best suiting your budget.



Madikeri is a small town and the district headquarters of Coorg or Kodagu in Kerala. Also known as Mercara,Guest Posting which is the distorted version of Madikeri, the town is a historic place that was ruled by Muddu Raja, who ruled Coorg from 1633 to 1687. In fact, the town takes its name from the king. It was formerly called Muddu raja keri, which means Mudduraja's town.

Perched at a height of about 1500 meters above the sea level, it is a lush hill station with beautiful landscapes capped with thick forests. The unmatched natural beauty has owned the town the title of "Scotland of India". The tributaries of Kaveri River run through different parts of the region, helping the town flourish. It is filled with misty hills, heavenly waterfalls, tropical trees and flowers of different color, and large tea estates. The town in particular is most-known for tourism. Being a part of Coorg, which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South India, Madikeri also sees a large influx of tourists year long.

The early inhabitants of Madikeri were the Kodagu people, who call themselves the "Children of Kaveri". For them the river Kaveri is sacred. Event today, the river is of utmost respect and immense reverence to the Coorgies. The original natives were known as the skilled agriculturists as they spent their lives farming in the fertile tributaries of the river. During pre-medieval and medieval era the town along with Coorg came under the reign of several indigenous rulers and empires. From 2nd to 6th Century it was ruled by Kadambas, followed by the Gangas who ruled from 4th to 11th Century. By defeating the Gangas, the Cholas came into power in 11th Century and had their sway till the 12th Century until they lost the kingdom to the Hoysalas. They were then succeeded by local chieftains, Haleri kings, and finally the British.

King Muddu Raja was a Haleri king and is believed to be the founder of the town. He built a mud-fort in the town in 1681, which was later replaced by Tipu Sultan. All the remnants left by the past rulers are today the significant parts of Madikeri history. They give the city a unique outlook, putting it into prominence amongst the history buffs. Blessed in abundance with nature, the town is home to a number of lookout points, beautiful waterfalls, mounts, and others. Besides, it is also in close proximity to some of the most-known wildlife sanctuaries in India. Appointing a tour guide is the best way to explore the city. Plus, there are some hotels in Madikeri with tariff suiting the budget of most of the travellers, which also offer tour services to their guests.

Accessing the city is easy as it is a popular tourist destination. Mysore Airport is the nearest airport. Besides, the Mangalore International Airport is about 140 k.m. away and is a good alternative. The nearest railway stations to Madikeri include: Hassan, Kannur, Kasaragod, Thalassery, and Kanhangad. There are some 3 star hotels in Madikeri that offer transportation services to the airport and the railway stations. Besides, taxis and cabs are available from the commerce centre of the town.


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