Mississippi River Cruises

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This article provides useful, detailed information about Mississippi River Cruises.

River cruising has become a very popular form of recreation today. Whether it is just for a few hours,Guest Posting or a few days or even a month, a river cruise can be a very exciting as well as relaxing vacation.

River cruises are of many kinds, depending upon the style, the size of the ship, the number of travelers, the various options, the price and the duration. The most common distinctions are the luxury cruises, budget cruises, expedition cruises, niche cruises, sailing cruise lines, wilderness cruises, adventure cruises, small cruises, romantic cruises, single cruises and so on.

There are many river cruising options in the United States. The most popular one is the Mississippi River cruise. This river, which runs from Minnesota to Louisiana, is the fifth longest in the world. Mississippi River cruising can be in an old fashioned steamboat that reminds you of Mark Twain, or it can be in a luxury cruise ship that offers state-of-the-art indulgence.

There can be several activities in the Mississippi River cruise, including: swimming pools, spas, casinos, recreation centers, fitness centers and gymnasiums, gourmet dining, restaurants, bars, salons, game rooms, night clubs and others. They are ideal for all kinds of activities ranging from a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles\' party, a pajama party, a business reception, or even a wedding!

Mississippi River cruises are also designed according to creative themes, like: Relaxation On The River, Spring Pilgrimage, Gardens Of The River, Legends Of The 50\'s, Riverventures, Veterans Reunion, Thanksgiving Holidays, Golfing On The River, World War Ii, Big Band, Great Steamboat Race, History Of Steamboating etc. The main source and destination points are: New Orleans, Memphis, Chattanooga, St. Louis, Galveston and Pittsburgh. The cruise can be either round-trip or from one location to another.

Mississippi River cruises come at various prices, depending on the kind of the cruise (luxury/economy), the duration of the cruise, the facilities provided and other discounts or packages offered. Discounts are generally off-season discounts or group discounts. Packages can be for families, very large groups, two-way bookings, hotel bookings or more. Prices range from $1,100 to $3,250.

Information about Mississippi River cruises can be obtained from travel agencies, offices of the cruise lines, and from advertisements. The Internet is a very good source of information as it contains the latest info about most river cruises, along with their options, prices and dates. These can be compared, chosen and even booked online.

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