Moti Dungri Temple Jaipur

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Lord Ganesh is an elephant headed god in Hinduism.  The highlight of this place is the famous and auspicious temple of Lord Ganesh, which is often called by about entire Jaipur and people from outer. 

Location: In Jaipur,Guest Posting on top of the renowned Birla Temple

Dedicated to: Lord Ganesha

How to reach: One can simply reach Moti Dungri Temple from the city by taking Local Buses, Cars and Taxis

Lord Ganesh is an elephant headed god in Hinduism. Lord Ganesh is worshipped first of all among all deities because Lord Ganesh is considered as the God of auspiciousness in Hinduism with God of wisdom, knowledge and wealth. The highlight of this place is the famous and auspicious temple of Lord Ganesh, which is often called by about entire Jaipur and people from outer. Moti Dungri sense pearl hill, because it seem hill a drop of pearl. You be able to spot large number of inhabitants here by Wednesday or on Ganesh Chaturthi. A preferred hot spot of the tourist folk, Moti Doongri is well-known for its swanky palace, the Ganesh and Lakshmi Narayan temples. An unusual palace is parched which is a model of Scottish fort once occupied by Maharaja Madho Singh's son. From There on stay put as a private property of the decision family Thousands of devotees crowd the famous Ganesh temple at moti Doongri on the event of Ganesh Chaturthi. Moti Dungri Temple is major from the holy point of view.

Moti Doongri mandir has an unusual look for Jaipur; truly it's a fact if any one purchase a new motorcycle, car or any new thing then they will come up to first at Moti Doongri. Too when wedding time you can notice a very large number of people here at early morning. Since this is a personal property of the royal family public are not allowable to go in the palace. Monti Doongri palace was used to be the place of great parties during the time of Sawai Man Singh II. Ganesh temple at the foot of the hill allures not only the follower but too the tourist with its picturesque settings. You will locate Birla Laxmi Narayan temple at Moti Dungri fort foot. This is in fact a very huge, modern marble structure. Well tainted glass windows portray scenes from the Hindu scriptures. Ganesh guard of the family is above lintel and fine excellence marble is the clear when you will enter temple and see the entry way.

In daily habit, thousands of Jaipurites create their day with the Darshan of Lord Ganesh ji of Moti Doongri temple.  People of all the religions arrive here for worship.  On every auspicious occasion in family, every Jaipurite call Lord Ganesh ji of Moti Doongri Jaipur first of all. This temple pull towards you great number of tourists on top of devotees from all over the world. There is so a great deal to explore here. New business, new gathering in running business, new building of any building in Jaipur starts following the worship of Lord Ganesh ji of Moti Doongri Jaipur. yet many tours & travel companies start Jaipur tour timetable of tourists from Moti Doongri Ganesh ji temple of Jaipur.

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