The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Rentals in Odessa, Ukraine

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Finding the perfect apartment rental in Odessa, Ukraine, can significantly enhance your travel experience, offering the comforts of home with the added benefits of space and privacy. This comprehensive guide aims to assist travelers in selecting the ideal accommodation in Odessa, focusing on often-overlooked amenities that can elevate your stay. While essentials like a freezer, electric kettle, oven, and cleaning supplies are typically standard, we'll delve into additional features that, while not always present, can be substituted to ensure a comfortable and convenient visit.

Choosing the Right Location in Odessa

The location of your rental is paramount for a safe and enjoyable stay. Deribasovskaya Street,The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Rentals in Odessa, Ukraine Articles in the heart of Odessa's city center, is a prime choice for its safety and central positioning. However, due to high demand, finding an available apartment there might be challenging. Here are alternative streets in central Odessa that are also safe and well-located:

  • Dvoryanskaya Street
  • Koblevskaya Street
  • Lva Tolstogo Street
  • Nezinskaya Street
  • Preobrazenskaya Street
  • Sobornaya Square
  • Pastera Street
  • Nekrasova Street
  • Mayakovskogo Street
  • Gogolya Street
  • Mendeleyeva Street
  • Vorontsovskiy Lane
  • Primorskiy Boulevard
  • Ekateriniskaya Square
  • Chaikovskogo Lane
  • Gavannaya Street
  • Lanzeronovskaya street
  • Krasny Lane
  • Zhukova Street
  • Grecheskaya street
  • Pushkinskaya Street
  • Ekaterininskaya Street
  • Reshilyevskaya Street
  • Bunina Street
  • Aleksandrovskiy Avenue
  • Zhukovskogo Street
  • Sadovaya Street

Internet Connectivity: A Must-Have for Travelers

In today's digital age, having internet access is crucial. Opt for an apartment with wireless internet to stay connected without overpaying for a cable connection. You can purchase an Internet card from any local shop, activate it on your device, and enjoy internet access throughout Odessa's city center. For those who prefer a physical location, here are some central internet clubs in Odessa:

  • Mouse Club: Chaikovskovo 16
  • Internet Planet: Rishelevskaya 58
  • eXe: Malaya Arnautskaya 119
  • Submarina: Preobrazhenskaya 49/51
  • Hacker: Evreyskaya 57
  • "64": Pushkinskaya 64
  • Internet Club: Rishelevskaya 67
  • Net-Center: Ekaterininskaya 75
  • X-25 Club: Gavannaya 7
  • Inferno: Kanatnaya 79
  • Internet Club "Discovery": 69 Bazarnaya str.
  • Internet Club "Angar 18": 52 Bolshaya Arnautskaya str.

Ensuring Comfort with Autonomous Utilities

Odessa's central heating system can be unreliable, so verify if the apartment has an autonomous hot water supply to avoid inconvenience. Similarly, ask about autonomous heating, especially if traveling during winter, to ensure a warm and comfortable stay.

Entertainment and Communication Essentials

Cable TV in Odessa typically includes at least two English-speaking channels, such as CNN or BBC, keeping you informed during your stay. For cost-effective communication, consider purchasing a SIM card from a Ukrainian national cell phone operator, offering rates as low as 0.006 USD per second.

Climate Control for Odessa's Seasons

Odessa experiences a moderately continental climate with hot summers and mild winters. With temperatures often exceeding 35 Celsius in the summer, an air conditioner may be a necessity for your comfort.

Additional Amenities for Convenience

Don't overlook the convenience of having a hair dryer and iron in your rental, as these small appliances can be quite handy during your travels.

Dining Out in Odessa

For those times when you prefer to dine out, Odessa offers a variety of restaurants with affordable rates, good service, and delicious meals. Two notable options include:

  • Restaurant Kumanets: 7, Gavannaya St. – A Ukrainian-themed restaurant with hearty servings of traditional dishes.
  • Restaurant Aliye Parusa: Corner of Deribasovskaya and Yekaterininskaya – A nod to Odessa's maritime history, offering gourmet food and a wide selection of drinks.

When planning your trip to Odessa, consider these tips and recommendations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. With the right apartment and amenities, your visit to this vibrant Ukrainian city will be a memorable one.

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