Thailand, a country of paddy fields, quiet beaches, and fun people

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Thailand, a country where reside the welcoming, friendly people, is one of the popular countries in the world. It is conceived as one of the best places to go for holidaying.


 Thailand,Guest Posting a beautiful country in South-East Asia, is today developed enough to provide one with all the comforts and luxuries that he/she hopes from a modern tourist-friendly country. The country is simply a jewel in Southeast Asia as it is rapidly turning into a major centre of trade and commerce. Plus, the centuries old glorious culture of the country is already well-known across all over the globe. Addition to these, the ever-growing popularity of the country’s cities and islands as being the most popular holiday destinations has helped the country to further grow in prominence. Today, the unique and excellent tourist destinations in Thailand are amongst the world's top tourist destinations. It is the country's unique culture, smiling denizens, varied topology, long sun-kissed beaches, serene islands of which many are not even in the country's map, exotic Thai cuisine, and the bustling cities that bewitch backpackers across the globe to visit the country.


Although compared to many of the big countries in the world, Thailand seems quite small. Still, the country has good diversity on the geological aspect. If there are world-class white beaches in the south then the north consist of mountain villages. Thick forests, grassy meadows, and shrubs etc. cover the insides of the country. Plus, there are the large paddy wheat, grain fields that extends to kilometres.

Unlike the quietude replete green clad villages, the cities in Thailand are bustling, noisy, crowded, filled with pollution. It looks like the cities are overwhelmed with the recent explosion of modernization. That being said, the cities in Thailand have their unique charm. They represent the modern side of the country which are home to people from different regions and also from world. Large number of tourists visiting the country get permanently settled in Thailand's cities. The modern way of life in these cities are somewhat fascinating. Besides, the cities are cheap (compared to many cities in the world), anything and everything can be found in these cities, and even after being chaotic they have some solitude in them. Plus, most of the best luxury hotels in Thailand are settled in the cities as well.

Of the popular tourist destinations in Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are significant attractions. These are the most happening cities in the country. Besides, Bangkok is also the capital of the country. The city is not just the administrative headquarter, but is also the core of commerce, education, and healthcare etc. It is aptly the capital of the country as it is the best representation of Thailand in brief. There are plenty of attractions in the city itself, exploring them is a must do before slipping to other tourist destinations in the country. Plus, accommodations in the city are the best as the city house some of the best Thailand hotels.

In a nutshell, Thailand is an amazing country filled with amazing places to explore. It is the country rich in history, and where reside people who are most friendly and helpful. Head to the country to explore it in your own terms. For accommodations, there are plenty of good options available, of which the 4 Star hotels in Thailand are most popular.


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