Thousands Of Coca Cola Bottles That Are Without A Trade Mark

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The Second World War has left a unique remnant on the tropical islands of Vanuatu. American,  No Trade-Mark Coca Cola bottles.

Around fifty people visited the home and garden of well known local artist,Guest Posting Faith Hodder, during an Open Garden Day held in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  While enjoying the panoramic view of the South Pacific on Faith’s patio, the guests were entertained of the story of the American coca cola bottles with ‘No-Trademark’. Some of these remnants Faith has turned into a ‘Coca Cola’ corner in her garden.

Santo, one of Vanuatu's largest islands, housed around 100,000 American troops, with a further of the 25, 000 troops based on Efate. The task of the troops was to halt the advance of Japanese troops down through the South Pacific chain of the islands.

The remains of an American World War11 downed aircraft is till visible outside the Aero Club at Port Vila. "Shortly after the pilot had dropped wrapped lollies from a cockpit to some village children, the American aircraft crashed into a tree", says Wallace Andre, 74 year old witness to the accident.

As Coca Cola was a mainstay of the American troop's daily diet, there was difficulty keeping up the supply. Empty bottles were shipped out from America and filled in a hastily erected factory in Vanuatu. U.S Troops stationed in the Solomon islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia were supplied with their daily rations of soft drink from Vanuatu. For the most part, the bottles however, had no trademark. The reason why this happened is not totally clear. This has left the South Pacific with a unique heritage, of thousands of pieces of no trade mark Coca Cola bottles. 

Just as the Americans suddenly appeared on the tropical islands, so they left just as suddenly. There appears to have been some unsuccessful attempts to burn some of the thousands of Coca Cola bottles.

Vanuatu is the 'Must See' travel adventure destination of the South Pacific.


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