Top 10 Beaches in Greece

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The ultimate guide to the best beaches in Greece. Read our essential top 10 beaches in Greece.

Greece is an amazing country made up of gorgeous idyllic islands and breathtaking landscapes. The beaches in Greece are superb with crystal clear blue water and brilliant white sand. There are several islands in Greece that are home to some of the best beaches in the world.

Mykonos is one of the most attractive islands with its dry stones and hilly beaches makes it ideal for those who enjoy hiking and walking on the beach instead of sun bathing.

Red Beach on the island of Santorini which according to Greek travel websites is actually sitting on the edge of a dormant volcano which is fairly small so it's not a place you actually want to really visit unless you're a hard core sunbather since that's pretty much what that beach is going to be suited for along with being an ideal location for those who like to snorkel.

Milipotas and Plakas which is on the island of Ios is known as a party island to the young Greeks of the island who find it ideal with the gentle stretch of yellow sand and calm,Guest Posting clear blue waters. The beach is fairly good sized, but if you're a sunbather it's an ideal place because it's clean and quiet. Few bars do line the beach, but other than that it's more of a place for young people to gather and socialize with each other.

Psili Ammos on the island of Serifos which translates from Greek meaning soft fine sand and the beach lives up to its name because the white sand that lines the beach is soft and fine along with clear water and lots of trees.

Maragas located on the island of Naxos is a favorite location for German tourists and is a small beachside town. Kolymbithres beach on the island of Paros is one of those small pleasant beachfront towns that most beachgoers that small town feeling with small bars and taverns. It's kind of on the dull and boring side, but yet offers a sense of tranquility lined with trees, churches and restaurants.

Little Banana on the island of Skiathos that is a hot spot for those who are active nudists and like to sunbathe this is primarily an activity many younger people partake than older crowd who come down to the beach to sunbathe and relax.

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