Top 12 Yellowstone National Park Campgrounds

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Discover what the To 12 Campgrounds are in Yellowstone Naitonal Park and what they have to offer you.

When it comes to national parks,Guest Posting Yellowstone National Park tops the charts.  Yellowstone is unique in many different ways.  Many people are not aware that it is the first national park ever founded in the United States. 

The park was first established on March 1, 1872.  Another interesting fact was that it was one of the favored camping spots of former President Theodore Roosevelt.  The Yellowstone National Park campgrounds are renowned for their economical benefits and the unspoiled atmosphere that they reside in. 

There are a total of 12 Yellowstone National Park campgrounds, seven of which are maintained by the park organization.  Therefore, the check-in and check-out times, as well as the rules are similar for most of the campgrounds in the park.  For those who are die-hard fans of simple living, the only way to stay at the park is to camp.  It is also much more affordable to take advantage of the outdoor spots rather than hotels.   Keep in mind that there are no overflow camping spots in the park, so it is best to make reservations ahead of time.  If you do go to the park on a spontaneous whim and the campgrounds are all full, there are campgrounds located outside of the park close by.  You should also be aware that the park strictly prohibits camping in your car, in picnic areas, or any other location that is not designated as a campground.  

The top 12 Yellowstone National Park campgrounds include:  1. Fishing Bridge RV Park

This campground is located right along the Yellowstone Lake, with full RV hook-ups.  Fishing Bridge is also one of the only Yellowstone National Park campgrounds where there are no limitations to how many days you can stay.  This is an RV campground only, meaning that hard-sided campers are the only styles accepted.  

2. Madison Campground

Madison Campground is a much more simple style of camping.  There are no utility hookups or showers, but there are some located nearby for guests.  However, there is a sanitary dump station available for all guests.   3. Canyon Campground

Located close to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone National Park, the Canyon Campground is a favorite for those who love the natural landmark.  There are also no utility hook-ups at this location, but there are pay showers, coin laundry, a campground store, restaurant, and a sanitary dump station.   4. Bridge Bay Campground

If you have a boat, then you will want to stay at the Bridge Bay Campground.  It is conveniently located to the Bridge Bay Marina and boat launch, therefore, you will not have to travel far.  Bridge Bay Campground is also situated 30 miles from the East entrance into Yellowstone.   5. Grant Village Campground

This is a woodsy campground that is located on the southwestern edge of Yellowstone Lake, approximately 22 miles north of the South entrance.  Group sites are available, and within a half mile from the campground you will find coin laundry, pay showers, and sanitary dump stations.  

6. Mammoth Campground

Mammoth is located on a hill right below Mammoth Hot Springs Village.  This is also near Park employee housing.  The campground is not very wooded, but you will still feel immersed in the wilderness.  There is no laundry or dump station, but there are toilets.   7. Norris Campground

Norris Campground is within walking distance of Norris Geyser Basin.  It is a wooded campground that overlooks a meadow which is visited often by bison and elk.  Therefore, you are sure to have a true wilderness experience.  The campground is open from late May until late September, and there are a total of 116 camping sites.   8. Indian Creek Campground

There are special restrictions on this campground due to bear activity, so you will have to check with the ranger before making reservations.  There are 75 sites, and there are no dump stations, laundry, or showers on the premises.   9. Lewis Lake Campground

Located in the southernmost area of Yellowstone, between Grant Village and the South entrance of the park.  The campground is also located on Lewis Lake, which is one of Yellowstone’s larger lakes.  Lewis Lake Campground is open from mid-June to early November, with a total of 85 camping sites.   10. Pebble Creek Campground

This is a small primitive accommodation, which is a true favorite of hikers and fishermen.  The campground is located on the western end of Lamar Valley, and it is open from early June until late September.   11. Slough Creek Campground

Located in the Lamar Valley, this small campground is great for watching wolves and taking part in hiking or fishing.  The campground is open from late May until October, with 29 camping sites.   12. Tower Fall Campground

This campground is located directly across the road from the Tower General Store, as well as 2.5 miles north of Roosevelt Junction.  There are great views of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone nearby, and the campground is open from late May until late September.  As with the other smaller campgrounds, Tower Fall also does not have any utility hook-ups, showers, or dump stations. 

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