Top Three Ways to Spend your Day in Brisbane

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Explore Brisbane and its culture from different perspectives by losing yourself  in numerous fun activities including the Brisbane River lunch cruise.

Brisbane is one of the most popular cities in Australia and is the capital of Queensland. Brisbane rose to its prominence after hosting the Commonwealth Games in 1982 and the World Expo in 1988. Since then the city has seen a drastic change in its overall status with admirable progress to its educational,Guest Posting tourism, health and other aspects. Brisbane is also Queensland's most populous city, and its many tourist attractions and bustling events reflect the mix of culture that it homes. Brisbane should be at the top of your list if you're visiting a few places in and around Australia. Here are some ideas for activities and places to visit on your next trip.


Brisbane River Cruises


Cruises are a fun way to go about the city and sightsee some of the best attractions without having to visit each one. One of the longest rivers in Queensland, The Brisbane River runs its waterways through the heart of the city. Pick the Brisbane River lunch cruise and witness some of the popular sights of the city, including the famous Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Story Bridge, City Centre and also the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Get on board with your favourite group of people and savour a delicious lunch on the Brisbane River waters while taking in the views of the stunning landmarks. The lunch cruise in Brisbane provides you the best views of the city skyline in broad daylight, a great opportunity to click some amazing photographs set against this magnificent backdrop. Pinpoint the locations you wish to visit and after the duration of the cruise, you can head to the same on foot to explore it fully.


Wheel of Brisbane


The actual site of the World Expo in 1988, South Bank, is one of the hottest destinations in Brisbane. It is located on the southern bank of the Brisbane River, hence the name. It is a hub for cultural, educational, recreational and social events and is filled with parklands, promenades and restaurants. This riverside paradise also hosts one of the best tourist attractions in South Bank, The Wheel of Brisbane. Opened in 2008 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Queensland, this giant ferris wheel offers you an exciting 10-12 minute ride with a  bird’s eye view over the river and the city. Enjoy with your partner in one of the air-conditioned capsules and once the wheel stops spinning at the highest point, sit back and take in the views of the stunning attractions while listening to the informative audio. Apart from riding the giant ferris wheel, you can swim in the man-made lagoons during the summer, directly opposite to the Central Business District. Other activities you can take up include riding a bike or strolling along the trails, working out at free fitness classes, signing up for children’s programs and tours or visiting the Epicurious Garden. 


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Fig Street


The Koala sanctuary in Brisbane is the oldest and largest in the world. Being one of the premier destinations in Brisbane for animal lovers, this sanctuary is home to over 80 species of native wildlife. The ultimate attraction here is that you can cuddle with a Koala and snap a photo with it while the accompanied guide instills knowledge about the creatures and what it takes to maintain the survival of such gentle beings. There are also numerous other daily encounters and shows including bird flight demonstrations, platypus feeding, barn animal encounters for the little ones, Tasmanian Devil keeper talk and many more. Apart from koalas, you can even take home a photo of you with a dingo or snake as well. Not surprisingly, this has made it a famous destination in Brisbane to visit with family.


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