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Explore about the Triund Trek.

Nothing could be more soothing and joyful for a city dweller than travelling to hills covered with lush greenery and fresh air! In the crown jewel of Dharamshala,Guest Posting Triund, such enchanting beauty and harmony can be witnessed. With all its natural appeal and beauty, Triund is beautifully situated between the laps of the Dhauladhar Ranges of Himachal Pradesh and the captivating Kangra Valley. Triund is also one of the most popular youth trekking destinations in India and attracts lakhs of adventure lovers from across the country. The tricky terrain and curves give its trekkers a great treasure trove.

Pack your bag:

Triund boasts the lively and distinctive Tibetan culture with magnificent monasteries equipped with beautiful cloisters, Buddha's idols, wheels, and banners of supplication. You will witness some of the finest views of the lush green mountain ranges, white clouds and dense forests while on your trek to Triund. Witnessing the countless starry constellations setting the night sky sparkling is one of the best experiences to be had on this trek.

Notably, a steep climb of over 1,100 meters is the Triund trek. This is neither a long trek nor a difficult one. It only takes about 3 hours to reach Triund from Galu temple. At the last 2 km from Snowline Café, the journey of steep climbing begins, which means the trek is quite hassle-free.

Triund from Mcleodganj:

Galu is the starting point for the trek to Triund. One can either hire a taxi from Mcleodganj to reach Galu or just start the trek right from there. Many travellers launch their trek from Bhagsu Nag, famous for its amazing waterfall. Moreover, one has to follow a path that goes through a thick forest filled with deodar and oak trees while trekking from Galu. You should hire a horse/pony to reach the top in case you encounter some trouble when going up.

Best time to Visit Triund Trek:

March to May is considered to be the best time to hike the Triund. September to December is also a good time to go, however. In June and July, it continues to rain, but people who enjoy the monsoon can still go for a trek.

Things to Do:

Don't be in a hurry after you reach the top of Triund! Sit down there and take in the majestic views.

Get some energy on the way to Triund by gorging on some healthy snacks and refreshing tea or coffee in the cafes there.

To get the most beautiful camping experience, stay at Triund Top for the night if possible.


Sweaters and Jackets

Waterproof shoes and an extra pair of socks, moisturizers for the skin and sunscreen lotion

Energy bar and snacks, a bottle of water

Excellent camera and a pair of sunglasses

Torch, hiking-pole

First Aid Kit and repellent for insects

Triund Trekking is not just an adventurous thing to check out your list of buckets, but it is an experience that must be had. At least once in their life, every individual should have this experience. If for the first time you plan to go on a trek, then Triund is where you should head as it is the easiest trek, but it has one of the most amazing views ever! With the Triund trek, we will recommend you to unleash the trekker within you.

Before going on a trek, the most important thing to do is collect all the information about the trek and make a list of things to keep in mind about the trek and location.

Triund is a popular trekking destination in Himachal Pradesh, with all its natural grandeur and attraction, this salubrious hill entices its visitors. This is an easy, small trek that can be done from either McLeodganj or Dharamkot, 2 km ahead of McLeodganj. The trail is 7 km from Dharamkot and passes through the temple of Galu Devi. It takes around 3 hours to reach Triund from this temple.

Trekking is not a garden stroll. For this adventurous trek, you're going for the Triund trek, for which you need to create a list of things you should carry. As we have created a list just for you, don't worry about the list of things you need to carry. The list of things to carry for the Triund trek is as follows:

Bottle of Water: Carrying a bottle of water is a must. Your body dehydrates when you trek, but you don't realize that you are sweating most of the time because of the cold or cool temperature. So, to keep your body hydrated, keep on sipping water.

Munching: You will munch on dried fruits, chocolates, convenient and easy-to-eat energy bars.

Torch: Trekkers sometimes fail to hold a torch for the first time because they do not know the value of carrying a torch or flashlight. When you are hiking at night, it is a lifesaver. So, don't forget to bring a flashlight!

Screen Lotion: When there are so many other things to think about when going on a hike, this can be quickly forgotten. To shield yourself from UV rays, and when trekking and travelling, pack your sunscreen.

Medical: You must be mindful of the fact that when trekking, there will be no medical support in the mountains. So, for any unexpected situations, you need to be prepared.

Other: Soaps and hand sanitiser, hiking boots, walking stick, flip flops to provide your feet with rest.

Things To Do:


You enter a peaceful and happy state with a view of the valley, and clouds enveloping the mountains, even as you try to remain upside down in a handstand.


Music lessons, courses, and workshops such as Flute, Tabla, Djembe, Sitar, Gitar, Harmonium, Harmonica, Casio, and Indian classical dance and the development of singing or voice.


The Tibetan museum is free to visit and has Tibetan history.


Within the Thekchen Chöling temple complex in Mcleodganj in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh in India, the Kalachakra temple is located. The temple complex also houses the monastery of Namgyal, His Holiness the Dalai Lama's private chambers, and the famous temple of Tsuglakhang. Opened in 1992, the temple of Kalachakra is a symbol of the principle popularly known as 'The wheel of time' in the Buddhist religion.


Bhagsu Waterfall. Breathtaking views, a little bit of hiking. If you are in Mcleodganj, this waterfall is certainly worth visiting. Two kilometres from Mcleodganj and a kilometre walk to the top of Bhagsunath Temple.


Kangra Valley. As one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Himachal Pradesh is touted. The state is home to 14 angelic valleys and a bucket-list of a lifetime can be made for their full-fledged exploration. Kangra is one of these exquisite valleys. A large group of Tibetan refugees who have sought solace in the quiet and benevolent mountains of Himachal are also home to the Kangra Valley.

Temple Complex:

This location is visited frequently by visitors. For sightseeing and meditation, this is a very peaceful temple to visit. You will find a few lamas in the path once you reach the temple. Within the complex, a few shops sell ritual objects and books. This temple is the Dalai Lama's frequent preaching spot.

Not only is Triund a popular hiking destination, but it is also one of the most scenic destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Hundreds of trekkers visit this route from around the world each year. Its proximity to McLeodganj (9 km) makes it even more appealing for enthusiasts of amateur adventure and trekking. It does not need you to have great physical fitness, as it is a simple trek. It's still important to know some information about the trek, however. We're trying to tell you all about this hiking destination in this Triund trek blog.

Triund Trek Blog:

The overall distance is approximately 9 km between the top of Triund and McLeodganj. To hit the top, it takes about 4 hours, and then you can also come back on the same day. However, under the star-lit night sky, most trekkers choose to stay overnight. It makes sense to book a package online because of this. There are several different trekking packages you can choose from.

Meals, lodging, permits, guides, fees etc. are part of a trekking package from a reputed tour operator. Thus, during your journey, you do not have to think about anything. In addition to this, most tour operators make sure that a competent guide or experienced trekker accompanies you. Not only does this ensure your safety, but it also enables you to have a good time on the trek.

I'm sure the gorgeous Himachal Pradesh would have crossed your mind as soon as someone said trekking in India, right? For trek lovers and adventure freaks, the beautiful Himachal Pradesh has plenty of treks. The Triund trek is one of those treks that you shouldn't skip. Triund is a charming trekking destination nestled in the range of Dhauladhar.

Your heart will catch the jaw-dropping views and give you a lovely feeling. Trekker first-time? Well, no worries! For first-time trekkers, Triund Trek is a great one and fits all age groups as well. Just keep reading and let's go on a virtual trek to the amazingly lovely Triund.

With the exception of January and February, you can trek during the year, as this place faces heavy snowfall throughout these months. Also, during this time, few trekking routes are limited. The best time to trek is from March to May, however. Yeah, the weather is comfortable during these months and provides some clear views, too. Looking for a tough trekking experience? Trekking Expert? Well, from December to February, you guys can choose to trek to this location.

The Triund Trek, also one of the most common in the region, is a quiet, simple and one of the most picturesque treks in Himachal Pradesh. The Triund trek is suitable for first-time trekkers as well as seasoned trekkers or adventure seekers, among the misty Dhauladhar ranges, with the breathtaking Kangra Valley on one side.

While enjoying tea and snacks at rest stops, trek along with the oak and rhododendron forests, quiet and bright meadows, and tricky curves. After the end of the trek, there are rock-cut caves, which are exclusive to this trek. Bear in mind that without a trekking guide, the Triund Trek is fairly easy to execute.

For several trek operators, Mcleodganj is the base camp. There's Dharamkot, though, a few miles uphill, where the trek starts. From Mcleodganj, you can travel to Dharamkot.

Trek to Bhagsu Nag from Dharamkot. If you like, you can hire a guide here, but the trail is pretty well marked and you will be able to walk the path yourself easily with the aid of locals.

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