Unearthing an Exciting Indoor Water Park Hotel in Michigan

Jan 3


Trevor Price

Trevor Price

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If you're looking for an indoor water park hotel, Michigan is the place to be. The state is home to seven parks with two more slated to open in the next two years.


If you want to take the kids to an indoor water park hotel,Unearthing an Exciting Indoor Water Park Hotel in Michigan Articles Michigan has the most out of any other state. For some reason, Michigan has become a hotspot for indoor water parks and is home to seven such hotels, with plans for another two. The majority are close to the border and very family-focused.

For a listing of the most popular hotels in Michigan that include indoor water parks, keep reading.

Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI

Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City is part of a chain of family resorts in North America that caters to local family vacations. Each of their hotels offers visitors massive indoor water parks and family suites designed to afford parents privacy. They have lots of kid activities and are very focused on safety.

Great Wolf's biggest drawback, though, is the price. For a family of four, you should expect to pay close to $300 a night for a family suite. You'll also be paying for meals on top of this, so budget accordingly. And, if you plan to travel to a Great Wolf Lodge over a holiday weekend or during the summer holidays, then book early and expect a crowd.

Gold Rush Water Park at the Double JJ Ranch and Resort

About five miles from Lake Michigan and in close proximity to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, the Double JJ Ranch and Resort offers an indoor water park hotel, Michigan wilderness and lots of outdoor activities for the kids.

You'll pay less than what you would at other water park hotels and resorts in the area, but the rooms are definitely smaller and somewhat outdated. You'll typically pay around $150 for a room.

The Boyne Mountain Resort and the Avalanche Bay Water Park

The Boyne Mountain Resort is unique in that it combines a ski resort with an incredible water park and on-site spa. So, dad can spend the day skiing, mom can hit the spa and the older kids can enjoy a day at the water park. In the summer, you'll also find hiking and biking trails along with a public golf course with reasonable green fees.

At Boyne Mountain, there are two accommodation options. These include the budget rooms at Boyne Mountain (starting at $75) and also higher-end rooms in the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa. These rooms are directly connected to the water park for easy access.

So, if you want a vacation that includes an indoor water park hotel, Michigan is definitely the place to be. They have resorts for every budget and lots of travel options that go beyond the water park.