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The sultanate of Oman is situated in southwest Asia and shares its borders with UAE,Guest Posting Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Oman has enough natural beauties such as valleys,
mountains, deserts and beaches that attract more tourists towards it than any other neighboring countries of Oman. Many years back, Oman was being ignored by international tourists. The government of Oman was also hesitating to support its country for tourism as it was lacking accommodation in Oman for the tourists. Now the government has taken steps to develop Oman in such a way that it has become attractive for the international tourists with its development of infrastructure, worth-seeing places and availability of variety of international hotels for accommodation in Oman for tourists according to international standards. Now Oman has become well organized to draw attention of tourists from around the world. Oman is undergoing further developmental works to create more facilities in the future to promote tourism in the country.

There are many popular activities in Oman that attract many international tourists. Oman has natural beauty of valleys here. Valley is called wadi in Oman. A wadi is a
dry river bed that is found in mountainous areas. Wadis are usually green, full of trees, grass and flowers. In Oman, there are some wadis come into their own when there are more rains and rivers start to flow and with the slow flow of water in them, they become safe to swim. Some valleys have running water round the year, but have many deep pools that allow swimming. Before visiting a valley in Oman, visitors should be aware of the weather conditions of that area as there are sudden rains that turn in to flash floods and it can become dangerous for visitors. That’s why visitors should visit in groups and with a guide. Valleys form a distinctive environmental system that has a variety of natural attractions. The valleys are very fertile in nature and attract people to live there. This is the reason that for thousands of years, people are living in the wadis of Oman. In rainy seasons, there is supply of water in abundance in valleys that help in irrigation of nearby areas.

Tourists are also attracted towards valleys of Oman as such valleys with a huge diversity are not found in any other country.

There are many souks in Oman with abundance of jewelry made from silver and gold, different ornaments and other traditional things. There are also big shopping malls that have been constructed in western style to attract international tourists for shopping.

There are some other activities that are well liked by tourists such as sand skiing in deserts, climbing rocks, bull fighting, camel race, bird watching, whale watching and many more. Tourists find bird watching in Oman a very distinctive natural beauty. There are almost 460 bird species that reside in Oman; some species are
residents of Oman and others are seasonal or migrants from other countries that are seen in spring and autumn. In Oman, tourists have such an exclusive opportunity to watch diversified species of birds.

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