Visiting Interesting Sights in Dartmoor

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You will have a choice of hundreds of sites to visit while you are on your dog-friendly Dartmoor holidays. Here are some places that you might be interested in visiting.

You will have a choice of hundreds of sites to visit while you are on your dog-friendly Dartmoor holidays. It would be most convenient for you to stay at the holiday cottages since they are near most of the attractions that you must visit and activities that you must do.  The holiday cottages are comfortable and luxurious which is very convenient for both small and large groups of families or friends who go to dog-friendly Dartmoor holidays. If you are bringing your pet with you,Guest Posting you must choose the pet-friendly cottages who will give them the same comfort that you will have during your dog-friendly Dartmoor holidays.  You will find the cottages in some of the most beautiful locations all throughout Dartmoor. Visiting the many attractions especially the historic sites will give you more insight into the history and culture of the place. The children will also have fun if you visit the beaches and the adventure parks during your dog-friendly Dartmoor holidays. Here are some places that you might be interested in visiting.


Beer Quarry Caves


The Beer Quarry Caves is one of the truly unique historical sites in England which you can find in East Devon.  It is only a short drive away from the holiday cottages where you are going to stay for your dog-friendly Dartmoor holidays. You must go on a guided tour as the guide will narrate the history of the caves.  These caves are man-made and they used to be an underground quarry that was started by the Romans. More than 20 cathedrals and other historical places all over the country such as Exeter, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, the Tower of London, Winsor Castle and Hampton Court used stones that came from this quarry. All the stones were quarried by hand as there were no machines that could be used for quarrying the stones. They were transported by horse-driven barges and wagons with the smallest stone weighing 5 tons. The stones that came from this quarry were unique since they were perfect for carving the fine details at soon as they were quarried. However, when they were exposed to air, the stone hardened and turned into a beautiful white colour. Today, the cave is a tourist attraction and it has a museum called the Roman Section.  Carved stones that are hundreds of years old are exhibited here. The tools that were used by masons as well as photographs and documents are also exhibited here.  When you go further into the cave, you will be able to see where the stones used to be quarried which now looks like a huge underground cathedral.  This is a unique site that you must visit when you go on your dog-friendly Dartmoor holidays.


Seaton Beach


The Seaton Beach is one place where you and your family can have a fun day. This is ideal for those with children as it has a long stretch of sand and pebbles where the kids can play. It is best to pack up a picnic basket before leaving your holiday cottages so you can have a great picnic at Seaton Beach. You can have a family picnic or go swimming at the beach or otherwise participate in the other activities that you can find there.  

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