What are the Advantages to Taking a Limo to LAX?

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If you are traveling out of Los Angeles then you are probably going to fly through the Los Angeles International Airport or LAX. If you are flying out of LAX then taking a limo to LAX may be a great option. Many people choose to drive their own vehicles to LAX and use either overnight parking or extended stay parking. These options do work but there are some major advantages to taking a limo to LAX. The biggest advantage is that the limo could very well cost less than overnight parking. It is also a much more convenient than taking your own car and using overnight parking. Beyond that it is also a lot safer to take a limo than to drive and park overnight.

The cost factor is one of the biggest advantages to taking a limo to LAX. A typical limo ride in Los Angeles will cost somewhere between $65 and $125 per hour. Overnight and extended stay parking near LAX airport ranges all the way from $30 per night up to over $75 per night. If you are using overnight parking it can be even more expensive per night. If you are planning to be gone for more than 4 days you will spend less on a limo no matter what parking option you would have chosen. Even if you will only be gone for a couple of days you could easily spend more on the parking than you would on a limo.

Taking a limo to LAX is a lot more convenient than overnight parking. You don’t have to deal with the traffic,Guest Posting driving or parking your car when you take a limo. The lower priced overnight and extended parking areas are a decent distance from  he actual terminal. If you choose one of these options you can expect to take a 30 minute to 1 hour shuttle ride from the  ctual parking area to the terminal. With a limo you are picked up at your home. The limo driver will help you load your bags into the trunk of the limo and then they will drop you off directly at your terminal and help you unload. This means not only is there less hassle but it also takes less time to go through the whole process so you don’t have to leave as early.

Most people also don’t realize that parking in overnight and extended stay parking lots is not entirely safe. These lots do offer some security such as cameras and a night patrol guard. Unfortunately the lots are also quite large which means there is some potential that your car may be vandalized or even stolen while you are gone. Few people realize just how many cars are stolen and vandalized from these lots each year. By taking a limo to LAX you are able to avoid this risk.

There is simply no denying that taking a limo to LAX is a far superior option to driving yourself and using overnight parking. There is a good chance that it will cost you less money if you take a limo than if you use overnight parking. It is also going to be a great deal easier on you since you don’t have to drive yourself and then deal with parking and taking a  huttle back to the airport terminal. It is also a lot safer since you know that your car will be safely parked in your garage back at home. The most important step when taking a limo to LAX is to find a great limo company. Many resources exist for finding the right limousine service.

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