What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Tyres Available In Sri Lanka?

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Whether you're a novice or a seasoned rider, you may require some clarity on the many types of tyres. With so many different types of motorcycle tyres on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are best for which machines and riding styles.


We've put up this guide based on how you ride your motorcycle and what you're looking for,Guest Posting with several motorcycle tyre alternatives organized by usage, so when you are fit enough to choose your motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka, you will be confident that it is the correct choice.

When used properly, superfast motorcycle racing tyres, massive chopper tyre models, dynamic motocross tyres, and even slower classic motorcycle tyres all provide riders with a great deal of pleasure and excitement. But keep in mind that your safety comes first, so choosing the right tyres is crucial.

One tyre option is never the same as the next, and the variety of options provides plenty of options. The profile of motorcycle tyres and the rubber compound used in their manufacture often differ. Hence, when purchasing motorcycle and bike tyres online, the specifications and warranty that comes along with them are very important.

The Discovery tyres, manufactured by Sri Lanka, are one of the most popular tyres to go for. They are stylish, durable and manage aquaplaning efficiently. These tyres are also specially formulated with rubber compounds in order to maintain excellent grip and power. Discovery tyres are designed to ride on a wide range of road surfaces, allowing them to fulfil their intended purpose. They provide good rideability, a long riding time, and a high level of comfort while riding.

When it comes to cruiser models, top speed isn't the most important consideration. Instead, the primary focus is on providing a long continuous running time, good turn grip, and optimal tyre silencing at turns beneath a heavy bike. This is why the Xtreme tyre in Sri Lanka is the best option. In contrast to the sporting parameters of race tyres, the emphasis with Xtreme tyres is on providing a comfortable ride for the rider. These tyres have a very high load index due to their design as reinforced tyres, allowing for a very stable and safe driving experience.

Current trends among riders and users of speedy motorcycles imply that investing in these tyres is worthwhile, assuming that the purchase is undertaken with caution. No matter how dynamic or thrilling the ride is, it should ideally take place on a flat, dry surface, as this is what the Mega Star tyres are made for. These tyres come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs for the rider to choose, and have a longer lifespan compared to other types of tyres. These tyres are suitable for usage on public roads as well. Those will be clearly labelled as such, while their applicability is restricted to specific models of motorcycles, such as the CT100, Pulsar and Platina.

One of the latest brands of motorcycle and bike tyres is the ultimate GenX tyres, a top-quality tyre manufactured exclusively in Sri Lanka. They come with a number of additional features, the best one having better control of the bike grip at high speeds. Motorcycle and bike riders also have the option of choosing the colour of their tyres, as the colour sticker provides GenX an attractive aesthetic, while the reflective strips give the bike a blazing neon aspect at night, making it stand out. They also have improved mileage and innovative tread designs for better performance. Motorcycle brands compatible with the GenX tyre collection are the Bajaj Platina, Discover and Pulsar, Yamaha and Honda CBF Summer.  They have also been designed with scientifically proven extra elements to improve road safety. The tyres’ unique tread pattern prevents aquaplaning during rainy conditions, lowering the chance of skidding.

Have you decided which tyre brand would be best for your motorcycle? Hold your horses, the procedure is not done yet. Before purchasing tyres, it is important to look into a few features such as tyre size, threat profile, tyre pressure and the maximum level of air in the tyre. Your riding style, as well as the weather, will influence your decision. Choose a tyre with a hard compound if you use your bike for daily commuting or long-distance touring. If money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy yourself new motorcycle tyres, and they’ll make you pretty happy.

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