What makes the world visit India?

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This article is about visiting India. we have mentioned some reasonable points, why you should visit India.

Hospitality is just one reason that pulls tourists from all over the world to India. Despite the bad news that we keep hearing about the country over the TV,Guest Posting internet, or newspapers, there are several others aspects of India that the tourists love to explore. Every country has its good and bad sides, and it depends on the subjective experience of every person what image they make of the place. Let us find out a few facts that make people curious about India, and they travel from all over the globe to explore just this one peninsular country.

The hospitality 

Hinduism has always taught its followers to treat their guests as equivalent to God; the thought is a literal translation of the Sanskrit Shloka, “Atithi Devo Bhava”. In popular cities like Jaipur, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad, you will find the humble beings of India in the smallest eateries to the biggest lounges.

Delicious and Cheap food

If you are an Indian, you have all the rights in the world to complain about the expensive food and drinks in the restaurants, hotels, and pubs. However, the foreigners are already aware of the sky-high prices of eatables in their countries, so dining in India for them is a delightful experience. According to the global standards, food in India costs lesser than most developed countries, not to mention the amazing taste of it. Wherever you step in a restaurant in India, almost every place is capable of offering a great delicacy to you at a great price. The regional foods of every state are a must-try in the country.

The transportation

End to end connectivity in India is something that you will not find in every country of the world, and that too at such cheap prices. Even though the state roadways buses may not be in the best condition, they are convenient enough to take you across the borders. In addition, you have the enormous network of trains in India that run throughout the country. And, airplanes in India offer the lowest price of airfares compared to the international standards. If you want to enjoy the freedom of driving a car without owning it, you can also take up the Self-Drive Car Rental Jaipur and other Metropolitans in India, and take the vehicle to any part of the nation. In every mode of transportation, you will find the high-end as well as low-end service; it is up to you how much money are willing to spend and the level of convenience you want in your journey.

The culture

Every state in India is a different world in itself; the cultural variations are so vast that it takes a few days even for an Indian to grasp the changes. For the foreigners coming to these regions with an open mind, just partaking in a few festivals can change their perspective for India forever. Many of these cultures belong to the oldest civilizations of the world. People coming from abroad are fascinated to learn about the concepts of Om, Kamasutra, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Traveling with planning

For travelers coming from abroad, it is better to plan things. India is an unpredictable country in various aspects, so it is better that you must research about things you want to do at your destination, and the tips and tricks to get there. Moreover, you must also research well about the safety standards of each place before going there. If you are going to solo, it is better to have a few local friends who can come to help, if needed.

The festivals

Diwali, Holi, Lohri, Dahi Handi, Durga Ashtami, and Krishna Janmashtami are just a few festivals of India when the concerned states become fully packed due to an enormous arrival of people from various parts of the country. If you plan to take part in any of these festivities, you must book your hotel and transportation in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle. To have the best experience of these festivals, try to have a couple of local Indian friends along with you. You will also find the authentic regional cuisines during these celebrations, but you must take care while buying anything from the streets even though the street food is the tastiest in India.


Granted that the charm of every nation lies in its people, it does so in India as well. However, you must take care that you do not overindulge with any wrongful person. Trust your instincts to understand whom you want to trust. Good and bad people exist in every part of the world, and so do they in India. It is up to you to indulge in the best experiences of a country like India that has so much to offer to everyone in various forms.

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