What To Expect At A New South Wales Winery

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Visit a NSW winery and get a full wine tasting experience!

Situated in southeastern Australia is the state of New South Wales. Known for its endless beaches,Guest Posting natural wonders, and delicious dining experiences, NSW is a state that offers a wide range of activities for residents and tourists.  

Over the past decade, NSW has also become known for something more than its scenic views and amazing beaches - its wines.

After a government-backed initiative to increase the region's wine business, the region of New South Wales saw a surge in grape growing and winemaking. This allowed existing vineyards to expand, numerous wineries to open their doors, and good times to be had all around for residents and tourists.

Now, no visit to the region is complete without a stop-off at a NSW winery. So check out what awaits those who venture into the rolling hills of this rapidly growing wine region.

Vineyard Tours

A tour through a New South Wales vineyard is an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Visitors can learn about the wine-making process up close and personal, including information on grape growing techniques, and check out the wine making process in its various stages.

The weather in the New South Wales wine regions is lovely, with the warmer months of December through to April being your best bet for a vineyard tour. Many wineries offer tours at weekends and public holidays, while some are open all week, including during the school term.

Not all vineyards are open to the public, so be sure to contact the ones you want to visit to ensure that they can host a private or group tour of the vines.

Wine Tasting

No trip to a NSW winery is complete without sampling at least a few of their wares. The favourable weather in NSW promotes unique grape growth that lends itself to robust reds, fruity whites, crisp sparkling wine, and powerful fortified wine.

Be sure to sign up for a wine club in NSW if you fancy the ones you tasted on tour. Each club has a different membership fee and offers different benefits, but all members receive discounts on wine purchases throughout the year.

If you are not interested in joining a club, be sure to ask about promotional deals when purchasing wine. For example, some wineries may offer cheaper tasting fees or complimentary tours if you buy six bottles of their wines in one go.

Do the Cities in NSW Have Wineries?

If you live or travel through Newcastle, NSW's second-largest metropolitan city, and can't make it out into the region's vineyards, many of the wine selections can be purchased at bottleshops or a Newcastle winery.

A Newcastle winery and cellar door establishment will allow visitors to get a true sense of the region's wines, with a range of varietals sourced from a variety of vineyards in New South Wales.

Additionally, you can also purchase a membership to a wine club in NSW, ensuring that you can always have your favourite wine on hand when back home.

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