Which are the Best Nairobi Day Tour Safaris and Excursions from Nairobi City?

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Nairobi one day tour package. Which are the top 5,10 nairobi day tour packages to go around and from nairobi. The best places to go for a one day nairobi tour include nairobi national park, daphne sheldrick elephant orphanage, karen blixen, giraffe center, national museum, bomas of kenya and carnivore restaurant.

Nairobi City Day Tour,Guest Posting Safari, Trip and ExcursionThere are many places to go for a nairobi one day tour. Most of them are related to wildlife since nairobi is a wildlife capital of the world but there are some museums and active sports day trips around nairobi including biking tours, bungee jumping and white water river rafting. Nairobi is also reffered to as the safari capital of the world and this is true conisdering its the only capital city with national park in its boundaries.

Nairobi national Park Nairobi Day Tour

Nairobi national park is located only 7km from the city center and is very easy to get there. There is actually a park gate about 4km from the international airport. Nairobi national park is a small park at only 117 sq km and this means that you can easily cover most of the park in a single morning game drive. Nairobi national park has more than 100 animal species and more than 500 types of birds.

The park has three main habitats including the western dry forest, the southern grassland savannah and the south western boundary riverine ecosystem. This means that all the animals are located in each area depending on their feeding habits or shelter needs. The park is very popular for one day tours from nairobi city center.

The animals you will find in nairobi national park day tour include lions, buffalo, giraffe, white rhinos, black rhinos, hippo, zebra, grants gazelles, impalas, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, hyraxes, baboons and many more. There are no elephants in nairobi national park. The birds in this park include the hammerkop, yellow billed ox pecker, african fish eagle, white bellied go away bird, shrikes, wagtails, blacksmith plover, egyptian geese, white browed coucal, african crested crane, african martial eagle, helmeted guinea fowl, masai ostriches among others.

The nairobi national park game drive tours are offered in the morning and late in the evening when the temperatures are low and the animals are more active. The nairobi national park day tour is done in a safari mini van with a high roof which can be opened and you can then watch the wildlife while standing.

Daphne Sheldrick Baby Elephant Orphanage Nairobi Day Tour

Nairobi elephant orphanage is located in nairobi park and is an orphaned baby elephant sanctuary where they are taken in and taken care of by providing shelter and milk formula. The baby elephants are orphaned through poaching, human wildlife conflict or sometimes falling into a well and abandoned by their mothers.

You can watch the elephant baby orphans here from 11 am to 12 pm everyday while they are being fed with milk formula. They like to play around and fight over the milk bottles just like human babies and they also like to be touched as well. The caregivers will give you a life history of each elephant calf and how it got to be orphaned.

You can adopt a baby elephant during your daphne sheldricks elephant orphanage day tour and you will get an adoption certificate, some gifts and monthly email updates of the progress of your adoptee. This is a nice way to support the efforts of the orphanage who have so far successfully reared and rehabilitated back to the wild more than 150 elephants.

Giraffe center nairobi day tour

The giraffe center day tour is another of the few popular day trips in town. The giraffe center is a Rothschild giraffe sanctuary which houses Daisy's family members in a large garden. The giraffes are friendly to people and you can feed them using pellets that they provide you with from a raised platform.

The giraffe center is a popular place due to the fact that guests are able to feed the giraffes and take some memorable photos while doing that. It is easy to take photos of you hugging a giraffe or even kissing a giraffe when it tries to get some pellets from your mouth. The giraffe center is one of the most visited places in a nairobi one day tour.

Bomas of Kenya Nairobi Day Tour

Bomas of Kenya means the Homesteads of Kenya and this is a cultural center where they have all the homesteads of the tribes of Kenya. The homesteads are complete with people dressed in traditional gear and with all the traditional tools and artifacts. It is a nice place to learn more about tribal kenyan people way of lives.

The Bomas of Kenya also has an afternoon cultural dance show that starts at 3pm which show cases dances and songs from many of the Kenyan tribes. They also have a very good Kenyan acrobatic show which is the climax of the show.

Karen Blixen Museum Day Tour

The Karen Blixen museum was a former coffee house and farm owned by Karen Blixen a former wife of Baron Bror Blixen who had settled in Kenya in 1913. They had started a coffee farm which did not do well and later the husband died forcing her to return to Denmark her home country.

It is in Denmark and in her retiring years that she became a very famous writer. She is mostly known for her book 'Out of Africa' which narrated her love for her farm in Africa, her love for safari and her illicit love affair with Denys Finch Hutton, a British hunter at the time.

The farm house has been donated to Kenya by the Danish Government and refurbished back into its former glory. This tour is a guided walk around the farm house which is complete with the original bed, furniture and game trophies from her numerous hunting expeditions with Denys.

National Museum Nairobi Day Tour

The national museum is located inside the city center and is the largest museum in east and central Africa. The museum show cases the most of Kenya's tribal artifacts and customs including the various sections of mammalian, birdlife, reptilian, and history section.

The archeological section is the most famous with the remains of the 'Turkana Boy' which are dated to several million years giving credence to Kenya being the cradle of mankind. The snake section is also a very popular place where you can see all the venomous and non venomous snakes of Kenya. The nairobi museum day tour is also very popular with people that want an easy tour of nairobi city by day.

Railway Museum Nairobi One Day Tour

The railway museum is very important in understanding the origins of Nairobi city. Nairobi developed as a rest stop and camp for the railway workers since it was midway to Kampala and had very cool climate and lots of water. The railway museum has black and white pictures of the early Nairobi town made of a few tents and later some timber structures.

The museum also has a collection of the old steam driven trains and the coaches. There is also the relic of the famous lunatic express train that was very popular in the colonial times. You will also see the coach in which a British engineer was removed by lions and eaten at Tsavo.

The man eaters of Tsavo is a story of two female lions whose preference for human flesh was legendary. The 2 females ate their way through 400 railway workers in a period of 1 year and ultimately forced the stoppage of works on the railway line. The workers the lions were possesed by a very strong demon as they even managed to eat several revered witch doctors and could not easily be hunted.

The railway museum has the original claws of the two lions and you can see them and hear more of the story of the Man eaters of Tsavo. To date, Tsavo lions are the most dangerous and they are maneless as well; a fact attributed to their higher testestorone levels hence their aggressive behaviour.

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