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Given the many cheap travel options available today, including discount hotel rooms and cheap vacation packages, hotels are increasingly trying to figure out how to positively differentiate themselves from their competition.

Appealing directly to women is becoming increasingly important given that almost half of all business travelers in America in 2010 were women vs. about 25 percent in 1991 and under five percent 40 years ago.

Copenhagen’s Bella Sky Hotel has introduced Europe’s first hotel floor reserved exclusively for female guests.  It is designed by women for women.  Upon reaching their rooms women are greeted by soft rose and burgundy tones,Guest Posting fresh flowers, fruit smoothies, fashion magazines and bathrooms stocked with exclusive products including day and night moisturizers.

The Bella Donna Hotel believes that men’s and women’s preferences are very different.  Men tend to check the view, turn on the TV, plug in their computer and check out the minibar, according to the hotel’s CEO.  Women, on the other hand, tend to go directly to the bathroom to see if it smells nice, is clean, has a nice bathtub and shower.

After asking a number of female guests what they most highly value, the Bella Donna has prioritized cleanliness, nice bathrooms, high powered hairdryers, steam irons, cosmetic mirrors, healthy options on room service menus and full body mirrors on its women only floor.

Some experts believe that this hotel is onto something and have found that women’s key priorities are feeling safe, comfortable, empowered, and valued.

Other hotels, while not dedicating an entire floor only to women, are working hard to appeal to female guests.  The Georgian Count Hotel in Canadian Vancouver has an “Orchid Floor” that comes with special features to appeal to women including magazines, curling irons, nylon stockings, bath salts and yoga mats.  The London Dukes Hotel offers “Duchess Rooms” which are standard rooms with fresh flowers, fruit, styling accessories and additional extras.

Though not all women are looking for special treatment from hotels, many experts believe that women will reward hotels that listen and respond to their preferences.

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