Best Platform For App Development: iOS v/s Android

Oct 7


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With technological advancement, everything is coming right into the hands of people via mobile applications making their life comfortable and also market competitive. This makes the retailers promote their interest by reaching directly to the consumers so they seek for app developing companies there comes the decision of retailers in opting for app platform.


The fact is that both platforms have their fair share of pros and cons and being aware of these makes it easier to decide which one is better suited to the requirement. If they opt for iOS platform there are several iOS app development companies in Delhi,Best Platform For App Development: iOS v/s Android Articles this doesn’t mean that Android App Development Company is less in number, in fact there is large number of user for android based applications.

Below are some of the comparisons between both platforms iOS and Android:

Market Data:

Share of units sold, in terms of market share, Android is the leading platform worldwide since 2016. Also number of apps available on Android is way greater than that over iOS platform. When it comes to app revenue, the difference between Android and iOS is the larger reach of the former versus more profitable earning from the latter.

Technical Aspects:

  • App development for iOS is less complex compared to Android, mainly because of fewer number of users for iOS than Android.


  • One main issue with Android development is that of fragmentation as there is large variant of devices available in the market supporting Android.



  • Due to complexity involved in Android app development makes the process more time consuming than that of an iOS app.


Programming Language:

Both platforms require completely different skill sets in terms of programming language used. iOS apps require C or Swift language whereas Android based on Java and Kotlin. So developing app for both platform will be a costly choice cause one will need specialist for both platform languages which will not be pocket friendly for users.

Pros and Cons:

  • App Ecosystem – There is large variant of android phones available which offers users to a variety of apps based over android platform.

                               But in case of iOS platform there is not option available for users to carry-on with.


  • Data Privacy & Security – Data privacy and security is an issue on android devices as the control on app access to user’s data is not strict as on iOS.

                                Undeniably iOS is the most secure platform and the one that best protects user privacy.


  • Customization – As android is based on Linux which works on open source, you can get lots of free apps which are also easy to customize which results in satisfaction of users.

                Same is not possible in the case of iOS platform, it is not easy to make changes compared to android.

What should you choose – Android vs iOS?

  • If you want the app to reach a wider audience – Android
  • If you want a higher revenue per user – iOS
  • If you have regular PCs and don’t want to incur additional investment in hardware – Android
  • If you already have iOS hardware (Mac, iPhone, iPad) – iOS
  • If you prefer a less complex development process – iOS
  • If you prefer a smaller wait time to get the app to the Store – Android
  • If you like to customize the app – Android
  • If you want to reduce the risk of malware – iOS
  • If privacy and security of user data is a priority – iOS
  • If you want an app with a better user experience – iOS


In the end, choosing the right platform depends on a variety of factors such as time to market, budget and the scope of the app. You must opt for Android app development company that gives you android based app and access to a wider audience but at a lower average revenue per user or an iOS App Development Company in Delhi or other places which provides you the iOS-based app that has greater prospects for earning revenue? Will iOS app development give you the advantage of a reduced time to market compared to an Android app? While the details in this article will help to answer these questions, there’s no definite response as to which one is better.