Blockchain to help improve the meat supply chains right from the farm to the retailer!

Jun 10




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Tracefood is a major collaboration of blockchain with food and drink supply chain. The company pledges to relentlessly combat the threats to food quality and uphold advanced traceability of the food product from the ground to the table. We offer custom solutions for all your food traceability needs.


This blog is all about how the Beef industry blockchain integrate blockchain technology in their business operations in a way that every participant (producers,Blockchain to help improve the meat supply chains right from the farm to the retailer! Articles consumers / end users and the industry welfare group) of the network wishes for.

Before getting in depth into the concept, let’s have a recap on what actually is a meat supply chain and how it contributes to the market share of the industry….

A meat supply chain is a network responsible for the production, supply and the delivery of meat products to the consumers or the end users. Even though the supply chain series for the meat commodities seem to vary at a greater scale every now and then, the overall hierarchy of the product flow remains fairly constant and same for all types of meat varieties.

It just gets kick-started with the birth of the animal followed by its maturity, butcher, slaughter, processing, and distribution and so on. All these procedures are somewhat alike in moving towards the goal of consumer product delivery and this is how the meat supply chains work right away in satisfying the demands of the end users.

Processing points in a meat supply chain:

Farms, abattoirs, dead stock collection nodes, border points, quarantine stations, warehousing nodes, cold storages, production and distribution centres, grocery points, retail stores, end consumption points like restaurants or some others.

What makes meat supply chains dominant in the industry?

As humans, a majority of us are fond of eating meat products right from our first ancestral community. The immense interest that we are showing in meat consumption to meet our daily food requirements is one of the major causesfor enhanced meat production and supply over the years. Here is where the meat supply chains find their importance in gaining popularity among the public and profit among the investor groups. In fact, they come up to bridge the gap that exist between the supply and demand for meat products in the market resulting in an improved meat consumption among the end users.

Key market insights of the meat industry:

As per the recent statistics, the global meat market size was accounted to be something around 500+ billion US Dollars in the year 2019. It is also predicted that by the year of 2027, the same would be something that could reach 850+ billion US Dollars. In addition, the total CAGR rate for the forecast period 2020 to 2027 is approximately 6.24%. Now let us imagine how far we can invest in meat supply chains for better profit reap.

Rising consumer demands for ready to cook and eat meat products:

Both in the developing and developed economies of the world, there exist a rise in demand for meat consumption especially in the form of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meat commodities. The global meat market is driven continuously towards the growth peak especially by today’s fast-paced consumers’ lifestyle and the increasing interest over meat usage. Several meat manufacturers also are taking part in creating meat product demand right with the introduction of several innovative meat supply ideologies, which further helps boost up the demand among the consumers.

Processes involved in beef supply chain management:

Product feeding, shipping of products to the processing plants, reception of products by the processing plants, minimal processing of meat products, extraction of non-meat ingredients, finished product packaging, shipping of products to the distributors, reception of products by the distributors, shipping of products to the food service outlets or retailer points, reception of products by the food service outlets or retailer points, retail POS operations,Blockchain solution for beef.

A glimpse on benefits of blockchain for beef business:

The animal meat industry is not that efficient as we think.

Why blockchain intrusion is essential for the improvement of efficiency in meat supply chains?

If we take any product supply chain inclusive of the meat supply chains, there comes a lot of contamination and quality threats due to some unavoidable reasons. The consumers on the other end are not satisfied with those threats thus demanding for quality boosted meat products for them to buy in the market. Here is where the significance of blockchain comes in and it ensures traceability and transparency in the meat products available for sale.

Transparency paves way for the ends users to gain the overall information regarding the product processing thus making everything transparent in the system constituting a wide range of network participants. This results in an enhanced level of trust for the products moving to and fro in the meat supply chains. Whereas, traceability accounts for helping the users track the product details right from its origin to the supply phase thus bridging the gaps in product purchase by the consumers.

Nowadays, the end users demand for such product details before they have gone to buy any meat product in the market. The major reason for this is the increasing contamination with processed and packaged meat products these days. Thus, with the help of blockchain’s innate features namely the transparency and traceability, anyone can buy products free from contamination lack of trust.

With the subsequent rise in quality and trust levels in the meat product deliveries, the efficiency levels of meat supply chains will also get improved gradually on the go with ease thus resulting in bringing brand new supply chains for the future meat consumption. This is how the technology of blockchain works right away for the meat industry.

In simple terms, we can say that blockchain is the one and only disruptive technology that brings out safer, efficient, transparent, traceable and sustainable supply chains belonging to the meat sector.

No matter whether you are a business person already having your own supply chain traceability system or a newbie entrepreneur who is looking out for the best traceability solutions out there in the industry. We welcome you onboard to avail our excellent blockchain in meat supply chain solutions so that you could either build or rebuild your meat supply chain business with a brand-new traceability solution from our side.

If you are the one who is in a dilemma that your current supply chain blockchain system is not good enough to carry forward for your future business operations, then you are certainly at the right place. Being a blockchain technology partner, tracefood can help leverage the tougher supply chain complexities to come out with better business results. This is how our ultimate food traceability especially the meat traceability series could help you out.

We know that with today’s modern cum complex meat supply chain systems organizing product recalls every now and then, it is always difficult to manage the overall system functioning and operations and here is where our blockchain for beef business stand out.

We make you get all the essential tools that could help digitize and standardize your sensitive business data once you approach us for any solution. Because we firmly believe that data is the key component in any kind of supply chain business and meat industry is no more an exception here. Hence the data needs to be kept safe, private and confidential in order for you as an entrepreneur to punch your foot prints in the industry by generating tones and tones of profit ever.

Tracefood – the one stop arena for your meat supply chain business needs:

At tracefood, we help people integrate value-rich blockchain solutions for beef to come out with excellent business ROIs of their choice. If you are the one who is interested in having blockchain in your meat supply, then we are glad to meet and help you out. We make you gain an improved level of prominence in meat supply and delivery right with the integration of potential blockchain for meat supply chains.