Homepage As a Selling Tool

Jan 23


Victor Terekhovskyi

Victor Terekhovskyi

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We live in a digital world where the Internet is the king of all. A competition level is extremely high in an online world, and it's significant to stand out among others. No matter what you do for a living, create games or providing cleaning services, you still need a website that will be informative and able to sell.


The Basics

Homepage is a page of a great interest since it has to be interesting and notable so a user can memorize the way it looks. Besides, Homepage As a Selling Tool Articles it should:

  • look superb for the sake of a positive first impression
  • be a helper so visitors can discover other pages
  • be informative about the business itself

We bet you noticed that none of the criteria above will help you sell indeed. At least, they won't be really great helpers. However, making your homepage a selling giant is a pretty easy thing to do. As a business owner you should remember that:

  1. The homepage of a website needs to contain information about your company. That's why it's necessary to fill the About section with a brief overview and company description. In addition, introduce the owner and the team, include photos and pictures to make the section fruitful.
  2. Visitors have a right to know how they can contact you, so fill the contact information as well. Place an address with the map, highlight telephone numbers and all other possible contact details.

 All set? Then we've done with the basics and can proceed to the next step.



Oh, this is a topic that is worth a book (honestly, there are a lot of books already written). What is a headline? It's a brief statement about your company, what you do and how you do it.

First, try your customer's shoes and think what will make him interested in your services. What will catch his attention? What can he look for at your website? As soon as you figure out what the buyer wants to see, tell him right in the headline that you have it or can do that.

There are three ways that will help to deliver necessary information to the customer:

#1 Tell about your product or service

Answer to the question "what it is" in your head and state it right away.

For example,

#2 Tell what you have

Very briefly describe what product or services the user can get when he or she signs up or uses your website.

For example,

  • Get expert consultation from the best lawyers
  • Sign up and grow your online business
  • Beautiful websites that sell beautifully

#3 Tell what you can do

This type of a headline shows what a customer will be able to achieve once he uses a particular service or product. 

For example,

  • Find a place to stay
  • Connect with friends and the world around you
  • Full range of game development services from idea to implementation

With the constructive and informative headline, every buyer will understand how he can benefit from working with your company.



Right under the headline a business owner should put the value of the company. In other words, explain the promise that the headline just made. 

To make it clear for the visitor answer the following question before putting any information on the website:

Why are you the best choice for a customer?

What's the difference between your company and competitors?

How can you help potential customers? What problems can you help them to solve?

What's the benefits of working with you?

What changes can you bring to the client company?

Explain to clients what profit they can have by trusting the business to you.



Customer reviews or testimonials are extremely valuable. Potential buyers can see and read different opinions of your clients and think something like 'All these people say that this company solved their problems. Maybe, I should try to work with them too.'

When other people talk about how good you are, it sounds more convincing than your own words. So go ahead and collect positive and honest recommendations from your former or current clients. In that way, you will gain your potential customer's trust and raise your ranking in their eyes.  


Finishing off

Now that you listened to advice and put all these points right on a homepage you probably wonder what you are going to do next.

Make your page look perfect! Hire a good designer that can make the general impression of the homepage so great it helps you to sell. Do not make the page too fussy and heavy to download. Consult with colleagues/business partners/friends/acquaintances and ask what they would like to see on the main page, or arrange a collective voting for the best design. In other words, do everything you can to impress the client with your homepage and leave it in his heart and memory.


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