Is Your Face Painting Or Entertainment Website In Need Of A Drastic Workout

Aug 5


Sherrill Church

Sherrill Church

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To run a Face Painting or Entertainment business without a website is like being a window cleaner without a ladder! The two go hand in hand, always have, always will.


Internet marketing is a huge area and when done properly your online presence can be extremely profitable for your Face Painting or Children’s Entertainment business.

Do you have your very own shop window for people to browse into at their leisure? In this day and age,Is Your Face Painting Or Entertainment Website In Need Of A Drastic Workout Articles before a customer does business with you they will probably want to check you out first to see what you’re all about before contacting you by telephone or email. This also apples even if you come highly recommended as your prospective customer will like to get a visual feel before they strike.

This is why your website must be properly dressed with the correct information and pricing so that it is a desirable place to be for your customer in this Internet shopping mall.

So is your website working hard enough for you or is it need of a drastic website workout? Is it earning its keep, converting customers and making you a profit? Do you know the answer to that or are you playing the guessing game? Are the fundamental elements of your online presence being tested and measured by you and what visitor activities are you recording on a regular basis?

You could have the best website in the world with finely crafted headlines, excellent content, fantastic photographic evidence and compelling call to actions which entice in a flood of visitors – but if you aren’t keeping track of results and daily activities, then quite honestly you’re not helping with your online presence (your shop window to the world).

I make it a regular discipline to track, measure and record the following areas of all my websites:

·        How long the visitors stay on my site

·        What pages they visit when they are there

·        How they found me, search engine, direct link, etc.

·        What location or country they are they from

·        How they navigate my site

·        What keyword searches they use

And that’s just for starters!

So perhaps now is the best time to install a website analyser in order to track the effectiveness of your site and its pages to give you a better understanding of what your potential customers are looking for, and what they are doing. You may find that you have a high bounce rate on one of your pages (they come in and go straight out again) meaning that this page isn’t working to its fullest potential, as it’s not holding your visitors interest. You’ll understand that page better now, and can plan to improve on it.

Once you get going with your analyser you will gradually begin to understand the behaviour patterns of your visitors and what makes them convert into a customer. By tweaking, changing and updating your sites content on a regular basis will not only help with your search engine rankings, but will also make for a better visiting experience for your visitor. Your website will become more influential in a way that you control and it will work hard for its keep and not just become yet another stagnant site out there in cyber-space!

You’ve spent good money on your site or many hours of manual labour getting it ready and getting it out there, so don’t leave it to chance and hope that your window shoppers are OK when they are spending time with you.

Check it out and check it often!