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For small businesses, a strong website can allow for worldwide exposure.  A great website can make you look bigger than you are and can become a huge revenue source for your business. Even with a small website design budget, a small business can have a stylish, simple website that is a powerhouse of information and helpful advice for its customers by including these simple features. 

With websites popping up for every idea and product under the sun,Guest Posting businesses big and small can’t afford not to have a good website and a presence online.  Getting a good website doesn’t have to be expensive. With thoughtful web page design and a few helpful features and content, even a simple website can become a reliable and useful resource for your customers in a short period of time.

If your budget limits the size of your website, there a few key elements that can make the most of even the simplest websites, which can assist and inform your readers so that your site is so much more than an electronic brochure.  With the right focus, your website can engage your visitors and help them feel that they know your company and your products. 

Has your Web Design got personality?

Many web page designs lack that personal element that helps your visitors to feel connected, and which stop them from being strictly advertorial.  Why not introduce yourself, your products and the reason you are passionate about your business?  Try doing this through a video! People love rich media, and then they’ll actually have a human connection as well. Not to mention the fact that your enthusiasm can be contagious.  Share a team photo or some letters from satisfied customers.  Why not a snapshot of your employees at work?  Never underestimate the power of a personal connection!

A Frequently Asked Questions Page

Another important element you should consider including in your web design is a section of frequently asked questions, or FAQ.  Not only does this section inform your visitors about important issues, it can save you time answering the same questions over and over again. Your visitors won’t be confused and will feel guided and satisfied that you have understood their concerns. Your support staff will have more time to devote to your business if your FAQ section is thorough and up-to-date.  

Networking with other websites

Smart websites often incorporate a networking element – whether that be social networking or industry networking. Creating a referral section with links to other businesses and information sources is putting the Internet to work for you.  Like-minded sources and complementary businesses all benefit from linking up their referrals and creating a network of services and information that benefit the clients as much as the businesses themselves! Think always of pointing your visitors in the right direction. They’ll thank you for it.

Even if your website design budget is small, it can still be a strong representation of your business, which can connect with your visitors on a personal level, be useful and provide plenty of information.

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