Things to Consider When Software Testing Strategy Goes Wrong

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What are the steps that you carry out with a poor quality web development? In this article, we are going to see some issues that most of the web development companies goes through, when their web development process goes wrong. Along with that, we will also see why it's important to test the web development process thoroughly?

Below are the step by step guidelines to drive your web development process on the right track and the best way to carry out testing phase.
Managing a web development project can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Creating a website that is tangible,Guest Posting beautifully designed pages as a result of your efforts can be fantastic. However, what if all goes wrong? What if your beautifully designed website is actually ugly, broken and confusing? Sadly, sometimes this happens. If you have failed to test your website properly throughout the project the end result can be a disaster. Here is what to do if your testing strategy for your project has gone wrong.
The Scenario
Scenario: You work for a web agency and have spent three months creating a new website for your client. You scheduled testing to begin in three months, and you are two weeks into the testing. The first test report has made its way to your desk, and it makes for depressing reading. There are hundreds of issues, and dozens in the "serious" or "high priority" category. You have two weeks to fix the site, get it functioning properly and get it looking presentable. Time is not on your side.
So, what went wrong?
This scenario perfectly explains why testing should never be scheduled too late in a project. Testing should start as soon as the first component is ready to test. In this case, once a single web page is built, or a single component of the website has been created, that element should be tested and debugged.
By using this approach, you also have earlier sight of underlying issues related to quality. This is an important point to consider, as in the scenario mentioned above, the number of problems clearly points to a bigger quality issue on the project which should have been identified far earlier. Perhaps the developers lacked experience, perhaps the design was flawed or perhaps there was an issue with resource scheduling.
Only by early identification you can address such type of issues before it causes irreversible damage to your project.

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