UI/UX Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Jan 14


Albert V Smith

Albert V Smith

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Here are 2020 trends in UI/UX design services that will increase the intuitiveness of the website. 


Design is not just about looks or creating a wow factor. It is about personalization,UI/UX Design Trends to Follow in 2020 Articles uniformity, practicality, minimalism, as well as accessibility. Current and future UI/UX design trends follow these principles. Design is a dependable tool for your business, as well as how to turn it into a powerful selling tool. Here are trends in UI/UX design services that will increase the intuitiveness of the website.

Voice User Interface and AI technology

The rise of virtual assistants such as Siri, Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa, Samsung's smart assistant Bixby, Google's AI-powered virtual voice assistant Google Assistant denotes the growing prominence of Artificial Intelligence. Considering this ever-increasing trend, it seems like voice and vision are making way for a paradigm shift from GUI to VUI. AI has been making away and making its way in smartphones as a voice assistant and for face unlocking and smart shooting. Voice-enabled apps are now mainstream, and they are convenient, deliver quick and accurate results to ensure personalized user experience.

Device Synchronization

Today's savvy users demand consistency of experience across different devices. This makes device synchronization a trend to watch out in 2020. Whether it's a smartphone, smartwatch, or desktop — the user needs capabilities across different devices. For instance, in a taxi-hailing app, the user might start or schedule a trip with voice command on watch and end it with the help of a mobile application, allowing a seamless operation on different platforms with uninterrupted action.

Era of Minimalism 

Ever since Apple bid farewell to skeuomorphic design, minimalism has seen rapid adoption. In 2020, ensure you are creative enough to handle minimalism in UI design. Because watching the trend, it looks like minimalism is shifting the UI trend.

With context-specific features in mind, keep a typical user navigation pattern. The user is not inundated with unwanted pop-ups and irrelevant notifications.

Material Design

Flat design, 2D elements, and shapes devoid of effects have made its way for the design process, which is user-centric. Several elements, such as motion graphics, 3D icons, animated logos, custom color palettes, shadows, and depth illusions, grid-based approach, ML-powered features, sound design, are gaining popularity. In 2020, the material design will offer an engaging user experience using elements such as patterns, textures, interactivity, and customization.

Animation & Microinteractions

The motion will remain in vogue and easily grab the attention of users' attention. Motion offers high recall value compared to mere just static points. Adding life and motion to buttons, icons, tabs, charts, menu, animation scroll, visual clues, onboarding, and splash screens and activity indicators make user experience informative, intuitive, and engaging. 

Accessibility first approach

People with disabilities, such as permanent, temporary, or situational, interact with the product in unexpected ways. It is now the era of making design more welcoming and inclusive of building a product that is suitable for all users.

To improve accessibility, it is essential to have screen readers for people who are visually challenged or with low vision to hear the text and interface elements read aloud as well as provide acoustic signals and vibration feedback.

  • Gesture recognition technologies
  • Voice input
  • Responsive layout
  • Consistent navigation
  • Accessible audio/video elements
  • Captions in audio/video content
  • High-contrast color combinations.

Now is the time to weave or create a story to build a digital experience. Storytelling is the new buzzword, becoming a crucial element of UI and bringing about excellent user experience. Storytelling in design grabs the user's attention, making users feel a part of a glorified story. The ability to tell stories around a digital experience will continue to trend among the best. Typography will build a visible hierarchy. An extremely significant element of UI, it plays a vital role in bringing about excellent user experience. 

Text style by itself will not play a significant role. Copywriting is considered one of the essential elements to build a great user experience capturing attention with the narrative. It will take brand engagement to the next level making the user feel part of the story, and it will continue its prominence in the upcoming year. 

Empty Space

Several elements often grapple for attention. When there is a spotlight on a single item, it gets all the attention. Depending on the message the UI is delivering, it's essential to give it some space to let that message sink. There are micro and macro empty spaces, text, and paragraph spaces. There is a pragmatic aspect to it, as we tend to process consolidated information longer and with less comprehension.


The year 2020 will see an evolution in UI/UX design Services. However, it is essential not to emulate trends blindly. 

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