Website Development: Secret Techniques Revealed

Dec 21


Hari Qumar

Hari Qumar

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Developing a website following a set technique is not a big problem. Here are a few secret techniques to develop a website.

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Developing a website by following a set technique is not a big problem. The real problem is to develop a website that is not just able to draw people to it,Website Development: Secret Techniques Revealed Articles but also generates business. A website that does not provide the correct information, does not help create a better business opportunity; is actually of no use. A website created to provide information, which is of no use to the visitor is as good as a paper weight.


Information on the Internet


The total information available on the internet if totaled will add up to 12 stacks of paper, with each stack of such great height that if put on the road side by side, each stack will cover the distance from Sun to Pluto.


Need to Develop a Proper Website


In the days of fast paced development, the need to develop a perfect marketing strategy to promote company’s products and services is absolutely necessary. A perfectly developed website is considered the best possible way to market and expand the business of an organization. However a website needs to be developed in accordance with set guidelines that best suit the company or a person’s requirement. Here are a few secret techniques or guidelines that can be followed to develop a website.


NVC Guidelines


NVC Guidelines stand for: Necessity, Visibility, and Curiosity 




These guidelines are prepared in keeping with the fact that the website will not only help the company to generate business, but also expand its customer base. These types of websites are a requirement for courier companies, travel/transport companies, manufacturing/export companies, and other businesses for whom such a website can help track shipments, make and collect payments online, conduct meetings.


Necessity Guidelines:


  1. Huge domain space to manage database, information and other related matters.
  2. Provision for making/receiving payments.
  3. Best suited email and content management system
  4. Correct and sustained information updates including latest news, developments.
  5. Complete brochure of products and services.




These guidelines are prepared for the websites that will not only help the company to generate business to some extent, but more so for increasing the visibility of the website, as such their online business opportunities, such as awareness about their services and reach out to people living in distant places. These types of websites are a requirement for schools, colleges, hospitals, charitable institutions, and others for whom website are used to increase their reach, bring transparency in transaction, and spread awareness.


Visibility Guidelines:


  1. Appropriate domain space to manage database, information and other related matters, with provision for further enhancement in future as per requirement.
  2. Provision for making/receiving payments.
  3. Provision for maximum content.
  4. Correct information updates.




These guidelines are prepared in keeping with the fact that the website may not only help the company to generate business, but also expand the customer base of the company. Websites dedicated towards advertising, sales and marketing help generate curiosity about a company’s products and services in the people who visit them. These types of websites do contain information about the company, but most of the times these websites either link up with other major websites or provide information about where these businesses are operating from.


Curiosity Guidelines:


  1. Limited domain space for information and other related matters, with provision for further enhancement in future as per requirement.
  2. Provision for appropriate content.
  3. Information updates.
  4. Proper Links.


Developing a Website


However what website exactly needs is not just content, links and relevancy; it also needs advertisements to make money, increase page rank and attain the purpose for which it has been created. Following the above mentioned NVC Guidelines properly and accurately, websites in 100s can be made that are available in a click of a button. Building a quality website can take a huge amount of time.


However its ideal to develop a simple or sophisticated website using HTML or PHP as that helps in customization. All that is needed is taking proper options, putting in appropriate site-related information, proper domain name and space. Softwares such as SiteBuilder Elite with Automatic Options are ideally suited to help people develop numerous websites that can not only generate business for the website owner, but also boost the website ranking, mostly in Google. Some of the Automatic Options are:-


1.         Standardized Adsense Adblocks.

2.         Privacy Policy page and a Terms of Service (TOS) page.

3.         Site Search page.

4.         Home and Sitemap links in navigation bar.

5.         RSS feed content on all pages.

6.         Randomized title and description metatags to hide footprints from search engines.

7.         Search Engine Optimized (SEO) with keyword in title, description and metatags.

8.         Permalink at the bottom of each page to aid in SEO.

9.         Randomly rotating images beside ads to draw the reader's attention.

10.       Ads from ad networks such as Amazon, ModernClick, PeakClick etc.

11.       Own or PLR articles to add content to website.

12.       Content from Yahoo Answers for website.

13.       Specific articles on specific pages when needed.

14.       Fixed homepage.

15.       Home page turned into a landing page.

16.       Contact Us page.

17.       Videos from YouTube related to the subject of each webpage.

18.       A resources page.

19.       Header image or text header on website.

20.       Change names, colors and sizes of fonts on the webpages.

21.       Social Bookmarking links.

22.       Articles page with RSS feeds from article directories

23.       Cache pages for faster loading times.

24.       Web 2.0 Videos.

25.       Randomly update and auto-submission of sitemaps on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

26.       Recommended products.

27.       Option to add comments.

28.       Auto hyperlinking of web addresses and site page interlinking.

29.       Page translation widget.

30.       "Develop Your Domain Names" link to website.

31.       Google Analytics/Kontera/stats code for simple cut and paste operation.


Following all these automatic options and the NVC Guidelines will help a website developer not just increase the page rank of the website developed by him, but also increase the revenue he gets from the website.