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Website usability tips are a feature that most of the new web designers look forward to. Website usability means focusing on your products and helping your customers in the best possible way. All this has to be done simply with clarity. This should be the main aim for any web designer.

There are many website usability tips for new web designers. However the main thing that they need to focus on is to design a website with ease. The focal point of website usability is to highlight the product. For this a web designer needs to concentrate on a few other facts like simplicity and succinctness. A combination of these two factors will create a good website for sure.


The first thing makes the usability of your website a success is the content. Make sure that as a new web designer you focus on the content. This content has to be updated on a regular basis and you need to be very sure of what exactly you are putting up as show. Remember that internet is all about words and you cannot do without them. So the words have to be well-structured and coherent. You content should be comprehensible yet intelligent.


Make sure that the website you are designing should load faster. The reason for this is that there are millions of websites selling the same products and services. You cannot expect a visitor to wait all that while for your website to be downloaded. They will move on to the next site without doubt. For this you need to be equipped with latest technology of CSS inline in your HTML coding,Guest Posting JPEG formats for larger illustrations and PNG for other icons.


Additionally guard your website with handling of errors like HTTP compressions and VPS. In addition you need to focus on while designing a website is to keep the page layout logical throughout the website. Adhere to a subtle color scheme which does not hurt the eyes. Make the navigation easy for people to check your products and services in a comfortable way.


Create the website in such a way that it allows a viewer to click on to your products easily and then the checkout should be effortless. Always run multiple website testing for this. That will give you an idea about how to go easy with all this. Some of the testing is like the Multivariate Testing, then testing with different browsers like Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer and above all a 404 error page testing.


Certainly there are more website usability tips for new web designers than these above mentioned points. But these are the basics features that will help you create a good website any time. Not only this, but it will help you attract more visitors as you will make it for them to comprehend it properly. In other website usability is all about your success at pitching your products in a way that is clear to all and sundry.

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