What is the Importance of WordPress Admin Login Page?

Apr 16


Erica S Terner

Erica S Terner

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The article is about the importance of WordPress Admin URL. In this content material user can understand the need for the Admin page, how to find the WordPress admin page, and troubleshooting tips to fix WordPress admin URL issues.


People who are using the WordPress website are aware of the WordPress Admin Login URL. This URL is crucial to access the backend of the website. The million-dollar questions of many users are,What is the Importance of WordPress Admin Login Page? Articles “How can I login to WordPress?” Expert of WordPress user knows how to login to the admin page. A beginner might find it difficult to search the WordPress admin URL. If you don’t find the URL, then you cannot access the website. The importance of the Admin dashboard is not hidden from WordPress users. Even if you are not a highly technical expert, but you can easily make changes on the website through the admin dashboard.


What is the need of the WordPress Admin Login URL?


The WordPress Admin Log page is the place where the user can access the important file of the website. You can manage your website through the Admin page. The dashboard of WordPress is not reachable if you failed to login. It works as an FTP login for the website. If you have logged in to the WordPress admin, you can publish, edit, and delete the content. You can create new pages, update Meta tags, add webmaster code, and add analytics code. Moreover, you can change the theme or activate plugins that help in improving website performance. There are several activities you can do for your website if you have access to the admin page.


How to locate the WordPress login URL?


Your hosting provider will give you information about the WordPress login page. All you have to add /login/ or /admin/ to the closure of your website URL. For instance, Suppose your website domain is www.abc.com then your login page would be www.abc.com/login  or www.abc.com/admin

There are also some other ways to find the page such as www.abc.com/wordpress/login/ www.abc.com/wp-admin/.

These URLs will redirect the user to the admin area of WordPress. After that, you need to fill the correct user name and password. The right username and password help you to navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard.


How can I remember the WordPress Login Page in WordPress?


If you think that it is not possible for you to remember the password, then you can note down to your notebook. You can also save a bookmark on your web browser. The other option to remember the WordPress admin URL is to add the login URL to the footer, menu or sidebar of the website.

You can also use Remember me to direct login to WordPress. When you often login to your WordPress Admin Log, you always have to fill the username and password every time. There is a checkbox which is known as Remember me. Click on the box before you perform the login. It will enable users to directly log in to the admin area without performing login process on you con through web browser cookies settings or for consequent visit fourteen days. Moreover, if your WordPress website is causing a white screen of death, WordPress error 404, or 500 internal server error, then you can contact the WordPress engineer.


Solutions for WordPress Admin Login Errors


Habitually, the user might face awkward errors associated with the WordPress login page. We have described the troubleshooting techniques in details below:


 Forget password issue


Try forgotten password link to retrieve the Admin password of the WordPress. Click on the option forgot password. Enter the registered email address associated with the website. A new password generation link sent to your email ID. Click on the password retrieval link and then follow the instruction to create a new password.


Plugins related issue


Sometimes some of the plugins of the website create problems in the login process.


It is possible that a Plugin is not installed properly or updated. Maybe one of the third-party plugins is causing the issue, or one or more plugins are not compatible with one another.


Themes disturbance


Just like plugins, themes can also interference in WordPress admin URLlogin. The simple way is to remove the Plugin and solve the issue.


 Cache and Cookies


The restored cookies and website cache can cause the problem in the Admin URL of the website. Clear cache and cookies in your browser and check if the issues are resolved or not.


Damaged Login File


In the case of the WordPress login, Wp-login.php is damaged, removed, or lost; you will not get access to the WordPress admin dashboard.


However, if you don’t find these steps satisfactory or these tactics don’t work, then the only way left is to connect with the WordPress customer care. The WordPress helpdesk is ready to assist you anytime.


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