5 Reasons Why Cloud VPS is better than traditional VPS?

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Virtual Private Server and Cloud VPS, both have their own Pros and Cons. What Makes Cloud Hosting Better Than Traditional VPS? Let's have a look on the diverse Difference between VPS and cloud hosting.


Cloud computing is set to have a considerable impact on business in the future which is reflected in the survey finding that around 60 percent of organizations plan increased investment over the next two years to 5 years,Guest Posting while only 6 percent plan to decrease investments in cloud services.” – Gregor Petri, research director at Gartner.

Cloud is getting popular day by day and it has changed the way of using even the basic things like TV, mobiles, watches, games, just to name a few. The reasons behind Cloud’s rapid acceptance is the economic advantage, speed, agility, greater uptime, scalability, independence of location, greater collaboration etc. And because of these good reasons, organizations are switching from traditional technology to new technologies delivered as cloud services.

So if you are also thinking to go for traditional VPS hosting for your website, rethink! Go for cloud environment for your hosting needs and embrace the most ‘in’ latest thing in technology.

 What the Cloud VPS really is?

Cloud VPS = ‘VPS configured in cloud environment’.

With Cloud VPS, your website will get all the VPS server’s benefits and will overcome the limitations of the virtual private server that will help to meet your growing web demands.


Cloud VPS vs VPS

Here are 5 solid reasons that helped Cloud VPS to defeat traditional VPS:

  1. Self- healing hardware

Fault tolerance of Cloud VPS is similar to backup from an electrical generator which provides power supply to the building in the event of grid power failure.

With Cloud VPS you can proactively handle the failures and minimize failure impact on the system. Cloud VPS hosting is a hosting solution, built to be fail-safe which means if, one component or node fails then virtual machine automatically transfers to another node.

Thus, there’s no downtime and eventually, no loss of service. :)

  1. Scalable and centralized storage

If you get as much space for your business data as you need, wouldn’t it be great?

Cloud VPS comes with a centrally managed, safe and an easy storage solution. With this you can:

    Maintain faster control on data

    Get rid of keeping different disks.

    Get high-speed network and faster backup bandwidth.

    Get quick and easy file sharing facility from anywhere in the world.

    Allocate resources on requirement basis.

    Add more resources as per needs because of high scalability.

Relative mobility and control of data can move a company workflow to a higher level of effectiveness.

  1. Load balancing

The regular growth of your business will lead to an increase in the traffic volume on your website, but this might also overload your VPS and can lower your website’s performance.

What’s the solution?
Traditionally, you upgraded your server plan. But relax! In Cloud VPS hosting, workloads like SSL requests, traffic spikes or database queries are distributed across the resources/ nodes/servers in such a manner that each resource gives enhanced performance.

  1. Pre-defined templates for instant server provisioning

Plan your Cloud VPS with pre-configured and customized templates-Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Opencart etc.

Your website doesn’t only gain professional look using these templates but also reduce the time to achieve and boot new server instances rapidly. They can be automatically installed with just a single click.

  1. Prompt unlimited scalability

The capacity to change your plans according to the variances in business size and needs is a great advantage of cloud computing, particularly when there is a sudden surge sought after.

Cloud VPS facilitating permits you to right away scale up or down the assets- bandwidth, disk space, CPU, RAM according to the IT necessities of your business.

Thus, Cloud VPS hosting is no doubt, a step ahead conventional virtual private server hosting.

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