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WordPress is the most targeted content management system from hackers around the globe. They will usually try to infiltrate your site through your plugins, site files, and even the login page. Since there isn't a site that is unhackable, there are ways to make it harder to be hacked. In this post, you will learn some ways to increase your site security and to easily recover in case you get hacked.

For anyone who owns a site,Guest Posting it's a usual routine to get notifications about someone trying to log in to their dashboard. Sites that have some traffic are under attack almost all the time and sometimes by several hackers at the same time. They don't do this process manually but use bots software to crawl the internet and find the site's weakest spots.

There are many WordPress security tips that you can try, but I would recommend that you start with increasing the security of your admin login page. One of the things that you can do here is first changing the administrator username which by default is "admin". Since brute force login is the most common method that hackers use, it would be easy for them to break in if your username is an easy guess (admin, administrator, your domain name). Next, make sure to use a strong password that will have at least 8 elements including special characters, numbers, and Upper-Lower capitalized characters.  Another thing that you can try is to change your login URL since the default one is "" and it's again an easy guess. Next using two-factor authentication is also a good idea. So if someone logs in with your username and password the system will send an SMS to your phone with a verification code. Also, some other tips to secure farther more your login page is to limit the number of login attempts or even implement the google reCapcha to stop the automated tools.

After you have made your log-in more secure the next recommended thing doing is to harden the security wall. To start with the SSL certificate is becoming a must for all sites. This is what will make the connection between you or your visitors to the servers encrypted. This means that hackers won't be able to intercept data during communications. The next recommendation is to be careful with the plugins you install and the theme you choose. Make sure that those are secure and updated regularly. Next,  you can add a password to your wp-admin directory. For this login into your cPanel and find "Password-protect Directories". And last are the security features that your hosting providers provide. Most of the highly-rated hosting companies will give more advanced security options in addition to extra payments.

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