Proglin: Social bookmarking for programmers

May 30


Emir Plicanic

Emir Plicanic

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Review of social bookmarking website created just for web and computer programmers.


Are you computer or web programmer? Do you have a collection of favorite web resources or links you often visit for references? Do you have a website providing tools,Proglin: Social bookmarking for programmers Articles articles or other programming related content that may be helpful to other programmers?

If you do, there is a new website that will let you store, share, promote and easily access all of your favorite programming websites.

The website is called and it is a social bookmarking website for programmers. Besides the ability to store, share and access your favorite links, provides you with customized profile page, which you can use to post information about you, your company or your services. You also get a custom contact page.

Adding links to Proglin is very easy. All you need to do is create an account and click on "Add link" button. Fill in your link information and click submit. provides you with “Add to Proglin” code, which you can use to allow your website visitors to add your programming related articles to their Proglin favorites.

Proglin also allows you to add your favorite link compilation to, which is another social bookmarking website.

With Proglin the hope is to create good web and computer programming resource compilations that are recommended by professionals.

Give it a try and share, store and promote your favorite programming resources with

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