Top 5 techniques for seo to rank faster then ever on search engine

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Getting on one of the top on search engine is never been an easy task. Actually its a most challenging one. it takes loads of hard work, effort, investment and consistency to rank on search engine. In this increasingly competitive world, a website needs to suffice many purposes and parameters before it can reach its desirable rank. 


1. Content =   “content is the king” A content is the 1st & major part of ranking any web site or page,Guest Posting advertisement, etc. it is highly recommendable to done your copywriting with highly efficiency or it is advisable to handover the content writing to a professional copy writer. Your on page must be very attractive or eye catching that can retain a customer on our site for much long time.

2. Well defined keywords = do a complete research on your keyword before publishing. Choose your topic & keyword accordingly like on trending or hot topics, keywords that dont have much competition & bidding on them. So that you can rank easily. 

3. Crawlable content = make & post content in a structured manner for better indexing. use tools like schema or yoast to check that the content you created is in a well structured manner or not, is it easily readable or indexable by crawler or not ? 

4. Link building = build your links with the web sites which are having a good DA PA so that your site’s domain & page authority will also increase. You can check your competitors backlinks also to check that from where he is getting traffic & making his DA PA more authoritative. There is a very good chance of getting ahead of our competition by backlinkg more than our competition.

5. Featured snippet = these are short  snippets of text that appear at the top of Google's search results in order to quickly answer a searcher's query. The content that appears inside of this is automatically pulled from web pages in Google's index that can rank your site on top. This is also called as position zero.




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