Meditation For The Weight Watcher

Oct 7


Ed McDonough

Ed McDonough

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We all know weight control can seem difficult and unattainable. But, with a little common sense and a realignment of your mental perspective, it's not impossible to achieve. As a matter of fact, it may be a lot easier than you think.


Weight Loss: As a person who's been a weight watcher most of my adult life,Meditation For The Weight Watcher Articles I know first hand that weight control can seem difficult and unattainable. But, the good news is, with a little common sense and a realignment of your mental perspective, it's not impossible to achieve. As a matter of fact, it may be easier than you think.

Weight control is about taking responsibility for your self and is a serious issue which should be considered carefully. It involves placing your mind, body, emotions and weight loss goal in harmony with each other while attending to your daily tasks and eating activities. It is also about controlling a range of weight-related events such as: food shopping, cooking, dining out habits, exercise and lifestyle.

In addition to the "physical" things you can do to control your weight, I'm also going to enlighten you on how simple meditation can keep you on-track to achieving your weight loss goal and maintaining your weight once your there.

The Diet Part of Weight Loss

Among all the weight control methods, the most effective technique is dieting. Although, dieting alone is rarely successful because the relapse rate is high, if you succeed in finding the right diet for your body, you can begin to have greater control over your weight. 

In general, making a commitment to a weight control method which takes you though a slow regiment of weight loss, is commonly considered the best practice. This type of relaxed process will be an important step towards helping you gain control over your weight while still enjoying good health. 

Exercise for the Weight Watcher

Exercise is another important point in establishing a proper weight loss program. It promotes fat loss while building lean muscle tissue which accelerates calorie burning. In addition, exercise may boost your metabolism and can help you feel an increase in energy while decreasing hunger.

It also leads to an improved psychological well-being and typically deters old snacking habits. Exercise is a proven requirement for good health therefore, establishing and following an intentional exercise program is a must for a long-term weight loss and management program.

Meditation For Easier Weight Loss and Control

You may not realize what an important part the mind plays in achieving personal goals, especially in the area of self improvement and personal development. Weight loss and weight control fall into both of those categories and are definitely considered a form of self help.

As with any goal you set, believing that you can and will achieve it puts you more than ninety percent of the way there towards the realization of it. In reality, what you think and believe about obtaining a certain goal is far more important than the action required to accomplish it. As the famous author Napoleon Hill stated: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

When it comes to training your mind to think and act in a positive way to obtain a goal, most folks turn to affirmations and declarations. But, there is a problem with these techniques. The majority of people who use them receive very poor results because the affirmations are used while in the awake, conscious sate of mind. In this state, normal distractions far outweigh the minds ability to work in a special more productive way which in turn inhibits producing the desired results.

On the other hand, when meditation is used in conjunction with affirmations, the affirmations become hundreds of times more effective because they work at the subconscious level of the mind. At the meditative level of consciousness, the mind can clearly focus on the goal at hand and move you towards achieving it at a much faster rate, no matter what the goal is.

A positive affirmation such as: "I enjoy consistently being at my normal weight of XXX pounds" will have a more profound impact in your weight control program when repeated mentally in a quiet state of meditation where the subconscious mind can clearly understand it and guide you to take the proper action. Particularly when you can vividly imagine how you will look and feel at that weight.

From this point, your subconscious will begin to play a big part in keeping you on-track to achieving your weight loss goal and maintaining your weight once your there. By default, you'll subconsciously find yourself eating less, eating food that's better for you, wanting to exercise more, and being conscious of having better health in general.

Dedicating as little as 15 minutes a day to a simple meditation practice will not only benefit your weight loss program, but it may also lead you to having a healthier, happier, more productive, stress free and abundant life.

The Successful Weight Conscious Lifestyle

The real key to successful weight loss and weight control is understanding it's a permanent change of lifestyle and not a one time event. Weight control, or consistently maintaining your weight from today on, is an ongoing process which you must take complete responsibility for.

Having a successful weight conscious lifestyle is a lot more than just being on a diet and what it takes to hit your target weight goal. It's about achieving your weight loss goal and having a plan to go forward from there.

Living a weight conscious lifestyle full of good health is more than what you eat, it is what you are. It's about empowering yourself to take control of your life and create the future you want.

The benefits of it are tremendous. You'll look and feel better, become healthier, increase your self-confidence, enhance your self-esteem and be able to achieve any other goal you want in life.

For the weight watcher like me, having a weight loss program which includes a well balanced diet and a suitable exercise plan, along with practicing daily meditation, is the perfect way to bring the mind, body and emotions into harmony with each other to create a better, healthier and thinner you.