Why Body Fat Percentage Is So Important for Losing Weight

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Body fat percentage is a thing that overweight people should always keep in mind. This article provides readers with the information on body fat percentage and the role it plays in weight loss process.

Body fat percentage shows how much fat your body contains. People,Guest Posting who suffer from excess weight, should know and control their body fat percentage. As a rule, there are two main factors that people should be focused on when trying to achieve great weight loss results. These are correct eating and physical exercises. So, for people, who have problems with excess weight and high body fat percentage, doctors often recommend special diets and exercises. In fact, it is one of the safest and most effective ways to lose excess weight. Statistics shows that a great deal of people suffer from excess weight in the United States of America and other countries all over the world. About 66% of US citizens follow different diets. Nevertheless, not all diets are useful for health of people and provide good excess weight results. For example, so called crash diets may have a negative impact on your body. Crash diets are intended for decreasing the amount of calories in food that people eat. So, people, who follow such diets, can lose up to 10 pounds. Nevertheless, crash diets are not as effective as they may seem to be from the very beginning. Weight loss results are obvious only when you start the diet. The problem is that such diets slow down the metabolism process in human body. So, when the amount of calories increases more fat begins to accumulate in your body in the end.   Many people give a preference to low carbohydrate diets or decide to sweat for losing excess weight. However, this weight loss method has its own disadvantages as well. The problem is that weight loss effect is achieved due to the fact that the amount of water in your body decreases. So, when you either follow a low carbohydrate diet or sweat, you body loses water, but not fat. This means that you will have results at the beginning of weight loss process only. Once water returns back to your body you will have the same weight that you had before a low carbohydrate diet or sweating. That is the main problem that people, who choose low carbohydrate diets for loosing excess weight, face. In order to have effective and permanent weight loss results you should focus on lowering the body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage decreases during weight loss process this means that you are losing fat, but not water. You task is to limit the number of calories in your food and choose the products, which will give your body the energy that it needs. Physical exercises will result in improving strength of your muscles and decreasing fat in your body. You should always make sure that you are losing fat! In this case, you will have permanent weight loss results. Losing excess weight by decreasing your body fat percentage you will not regain it again in the future. That’s why it is so important to control the ratio of fat to fat free weight throughout your weight loss treatment program.

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