Living FromYour Heart

Feb 26


Neel Raman

Neel Raman

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What's in your heart reveals what's important to you and who you truly are. When you relate with people from your heart, it reveals the side of you that is compassionate, understanding, supportive, and as someone who loves another human being. Having an open heart means recognizing every other person as being great, and it also means you come from a space of openness and trust.


Do you know how many times your heart would beat if you lived until you were eighty years old? Over three million times! Imagine that. Three million beats to keep one small life going on this huge planet.

Your amazing heart reflects everything that you feel in life,Living FromYour Heart Articles and it monitors everything your body does as your adrenaline kicks in and controls how you respond to what goes on around you and within you.

But what does it mean to live from your heart? Why is it important to have an open heart?

All around you people are trying to live the best way they can, with all their problems and challenges and the daily difficulties that life throws up.  Maybe it's the same for you. Maybe you get so bogged down in trying to keep your head above water when you're swimming against the tide that you forget the really important things in life. Like love, compassion, understanding.

Living from your heart means really sharing yourself with others. Not wearing the mask that people often hide behind, or putting up barriers to the possibilities of connection with each other. And it means letting go of those destructive feelings that get in the way. Like pride, and jealousy, envy and suspicion.

Think back to the last time you had a disagreement with someone. It felt awful. Your heart beat fast and pumped the old flight or fight adrenaline round your body and you felt misunderstood, devalued, and even hurt. All those feelings blotted out what the other person was feeling, because it's a sure thing that they felt the same way too. But you felt so mad you couldn't see it and you didn't care how they might be feeling.

Imagine how it would have been had you suddenly realised that all this negativity was getting in the way of an opportunity to connect with this person on a deeper and warmer level. Whatever misunderstanding there was in the first place needn't have happened, because with your heart wide open and unafraid, you would have been able to hear what this person was saying. Understand what they felt. Calm the sudden storm and find peace with one another.

You can live from your heart every single day. You can accept people for who they are without making judgments or finding fault, or taking offence. Having an open heart means acting out of kindness, compassion and understanding rather than seeing yourself as separate and unconnected. You really can make a difference in other people's lives as well as your own.

In fact, you have three million chances in life to make a difference. Don't let them go by.

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