5 Most Awe-Inspiring Yellow Gemstones

Sep 13


Merit Lookene

Merit Lookene

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Whether you are a fan of yellow or not, one thing’s for sure: yellow gemstones are absolutely stunning. Here are five of the most awe-inspiring yellow gems, sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!


Yellow gemstones are having a moment. More and more,5 Most Awe-Inspiring Yellow Gemstones Articles people are drawn to their sunny hue, which is said to represent happiness, wisdom, and energy. Whether you are a fan of yellow or not, one thing’s for sure: yellow gemstones are absolutely stunning.

Here are five of the most awe-inspiring yellow gems, sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy! 


Beautiful and unique, amber is made of fossilized tree resin, and is thus not a mineral but belongs to the few organic gemstones. It can range in color from yellow to orange red, and it is often translucent or opaque. The inclusions of plant matter and insects add to the amber’s uniqueness and appeal. 

Amber has a long history of being associated with good luck and protection, making it a popular choice for amulets and talismans. It is said to represent the sun’s energy and has a warm, comforting presence that can help to ease stress and promote feelings of wellbeing. The gemstone can ward off negativity and be helpful in restoring balance and harmony. 


Citrine, ranging from pale yellow to deep golden brown in color, is a variety of quartz that gets its name from the Old French word for lemon. It is an affordable gemstone that is perfect for those who love the look of yellow gold but don’t want to spend a lot of money. 

A happy and optimistic stone, citrine helps to dissipate negative energy and is therefore one of the gems every woman should own. If you’re feeling down or hopeless, this gemstone helps to raise your vibrations and bring in more positivity. 

Citrine is also believed to be a powerful stone of manifestation. It promotes success and abundance, making it an ideal stone for anyone who wants to attract more wealth and prosperity into their lives. 

Yellow Topaz

Gems of yellow topaz are alluring and mystical, composed of fluorine, silica and aluminum. The ethereal yellow stones are found in a variety of shades with a vitreous luster. Depending on the intensity of the yellow hue, the gemstone can be incorporated into different pieces of jewelry to create unique looks. 

Yellow topaz is believed to alleviate anxiety and depression, boost self-confidence and bring good luck. It helps to manifest our desires and brings about success in all areas of our lives by improving mental clarity and focus. It can also make our lives happier and more joyful. Equipped with considerable power, it can help us to create a life we desire. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a polymorph of quartz, meaning it has the same chemical composition as quartz but a different crystal structure. The gemstone is also chatoyant, appearing to change color when viewed from different angles. The color of Tiger’s eye ranges from golden yellow to rich brown and the chatoyancy is caused by light reflecting off of parallel inclusions of fibrous minerals. 

Helpful for increasing confidence and strength, Tiger’s eye is sometimes referred to as the “stone of courage”. It promotes balance and harmony and provides protection against negative energy. If you are looking for a stone that can help you feel more grounded, Tiger’s eye may be a good choice. 

Golden Beryl

Golden beryl, also known as heliodor, is a beautiful variety of beryl. It has long been prized for its translucent golden hue, which ranges from pale lemon to deep golden yellow. Relatively rare, the gemstone is typically found in Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States. 

This gemstone is famous for clearing negative energies and bringing positive energy and joy to those who wear it. It is said to be a stone of good fortune and happiness, promoting success, prosperity and abundance, which makes it a wonderful crystal for anyone who is seeking to manifest their desires. 

Golden beryl is also thought to promote mental clarity and help relieve stress. It helps you to release old patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving you and assists with communication, teaching you to express yourself more clearly.