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Do you want to upgrade your current curling iron? Or are you simply a newcomer to the world of bouncy curls? 

Do you want to upgrade your current curling iron? Or are you simply a newcomer to the world of bouncy curls? Whichever the situation,Guest Posting you can always choose a clampless curling iron for your styling needs. 

The clampless curling iron is called this because it doesn’t have a clamp, normally found in the conventional  spring model.  The barrel is smooth and helps create equally smooth curls. With a clampless curling iron your hair must be wrapped around the barrel ends last, which helps prevent damaged or split ends, plus the lack of a clamp lets you create more natural results that are crease and crinkle-free. The unique design of the barrel allows you to access your roots easily, though you might have to practice it a bit before getting used to the method but it’s generally easily maneuvered. 

What’s wrong with the conventional spring curling iron? Nothing really, it’s actually the most popular curling iron on the market and suitable for beginners thanks to the clamp. . A conventional spring curling iron features a thumb-operated mechanism which can take more effort to manage when styling, if you don’t know how to work it. This clamp, if not operated correctly, can form creased and crinkly curls, making the style look forced and artificial. Many people start out with spring curling irons and move onto clampless curling irons once they have gained more experience curling hair. 

Some beginners will jump straight to using clampless curling irons and if you are just starting out, make sure that you receive a heat-resistant glove with your purchase. This heat resistant glove should be used while curling to protect your fingers from the hot barrel, since there is no clamp along the barrel to grip hair. When purchasing a clampless curling iron you also have to take your hair type into consideration, since the temperature of the barrel influences the result. Size also matters, larger barrels create looser, fatter curls, while narrow barrels make tighter curls and spirals. 

If you still have doubts and need an example of a good clampless curling iron, try out the Karmin Salon Pro Clipless model which features a highly polished, tourmaline infused barrel that produces a moist and even ceramic heat for the shiniest, softest and smoothes curls. This barrel is able to heat up to 410°F and with the included glove, you can safely style your locks in no time at all.

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