Coffee Lovers with Heartburn Rejoice!

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Every month, 60 million Americans experience heartburn and 15 million of those Americans suffer daily. Heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach cause millions of Americans to limit their intake of their favorite foods like coffee. Doctors frequently restrict or eliminate coffee to help control the painful churning in their patient’s stomachs. Consumption of prescription and OTC medications to relieve heartburn has reached an all time high. Unfortunately, reducing your naturally occurring stomach acid exposes you to several new health concerns. New research suggests that relying on drugs like Nexium and Prilosec can increase you risk of developing pneumonia. Improperly digested food and lower food poisoning protection are just a few other complications associated with lower levels of stomach acid. Routine consumption of stomach acid altering drugs, even antacids, has become a necessity for coffee lovers to continue enjoying their favorite drink.

On a daily basis,Guest Posting millions of coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs struggle with a painfully difficult decision. Is their cherished “morning coffee” worth the hours of stomach pain or discomfort? Can they endure the pain (so they can have their coffee) or should they consume another round of stomach acid altering drugs? What is a coffee lover with a sensitive stomach supposed to do?

With one out of five coffee drinkers in the US suffering from stomach upset, another alternative has finally become available. A patented, all natural, chemical free, high-pressure steaming process removes over 75% of the acidity and irritants but leaves the coffee’s aroma, flavor and caffeine intact. Made from supreme quality, organically grown Arabica coffee beans, low acid coffee can now be tolerated by the most sensitive stomachs. Developed in Europe, this process greatly reduces the acidic chlorogenic substances prior to the roasting process so there’s little left to form irritants during roasting, resulting in rich flavored, low acid coffee.

Drinking low acid coffee solves two major problems for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs. How to enjoy their coffee everyday while preventing the inevitable stomach upset and avoiding acid reducing drugs? It’s now possible to enjoy coffee throughout the day, pain free, and the decision can be guilt free. Millions of coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs can enjoy coffee again with high quality, low acid coffee.

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