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If there is one thing that separates the women from the men (other than the obvious) is the fact that we have the distinct and the gorgeous advantage of wearing dresses.

A dress in any form is spectacular. It highlights the feminism and the graceful elegance that makes her a woman. 

Leather as a material is tough. It’s known for its rugged masculinity and subtle sensuality. It screams assertiveness and pure confidence! Someone sporting leather automatically radiates a sense of control – a strong personality!

Now combine the two – leather and dresses! What an amazingly potent combination. A leather dress has to be the most lethal blend ever introduced to the world of clothing. A leather dress in one simple word is ‘bewitching’. It comes in a variety of colors and materials (yes,Guest Posting there are different type of materials in leather) to create a magical affect of pure gorgeousness and sensationalism!

Here are 3 leather dresses that any trendy, single woman should make place for her in her wardrobe:

Suede straight fit dress (Formal):

Suede is the cheapest and probably one of the most wonderful and feminine forms of leather. Pick out a simple, suede sleeveless dress. The skirt can be straight cut and not too fitting or a light flare! Suede and satin make the most delightful combination. A tinge of satin like a satin belt at the waist or an interlope satin collar looks fantastic. Perfect for formal and professional wear, the suede leather dress is the epitome of pure feminism along with a proficient look. Please note that the hemline of the dress should at least reach the knees.

Lamb leather halter gown (cocktail):

To think of a cocktail gown in any material other than the stereotypical chiffon or georgette is kind of hard. Be unique, stand out from the crowd – choose a sensational leather gown. There are plenty of leather gowns available that are well cut and highlight the pure mysticism of the female silhouette. Choose a great mermaid style gown or a straight cut halter gown with a nice slit. Red, black, blue green – you can pick from an entire plethora of colors! Prepare to rock the party!

Cow skin leather casual dress:

It’s not like you are going to be invited to a high class, trendy party all the time. Sometimes just small casual outings also make for great memories (especially if pics are clicked). How many times have you logged on to Facebook, looked at pics with friends and thought “Janelle looks so good in that dress. I should have picked out something better to wear.” Banish aside all your worries and get yourself a pretty dress in cowhide leather. It is tougher than the usual leather and therein lays its beauty. Choose a short, strapless casual leather dress in a spectacular caramel shade! The sheer closeness to your skin tone as well as the raw sensuality of the material will have your friends begging you for style tips. Don’t forget to accessorize well!

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