Effective Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

Nov 26


Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas

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Over half of all pregnant women suffer from the nauseous nastiness that is morning sickness. Learn about the causes of your misery and potential relief to be found with natural remedies.

Oh dear! It's morning sickness,Effective Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness Articles the seemingly unavoidable curse of over half of all pregnant women. You were aware that you might suffer from it, you knew what to expect, and yet you weren't prepared for the waves of debilitating nausea that overcome you. Most women try their best to continue their lives as normal through their morning sickness because it has become an expected part of being pregnant, but there are steps you can take, and things you can do to ease the problem. Let's take a look at the possible reasons for your discomfort.

Understanding the causes of morning sickness

While past thinking has pointed to increases in estrogen, lower levels of blood sugar during pregnancy, and even the sensitivity of pregnant women to certain smells, current theories, supported by solid medical evidence, suggest that morning sickness is your body's natural reaction to avoiding toxins that could harm your baby. One of your body's number one priorities when you are pregnant is to protect your little one. The sick feeling, and the vomiting that often accompanies that feeling, is a natural defense that is built into you that stops potentially dangerous toxins from reaching your fetus. You are simply automatically rejecting what could be dangerous for your baby. In fact, women who experience no morning sickness at all are considered more likely to give birth to children with birth defects, or even miscarry.

If you are frequently vomiting during morning sickness be sure to avoid dehydration. If you feel thirsty and dizzy, are passing less urine than normal, or your urine is unusually dark in color, then see your doctor as soon a possible. A simple urine test is often enough to determine of dehydration is an issue.

Once you realize that suffering from morning sickness could be beneficial to your baby, you should focus your attention on easing the symptoms rather than eliminating the problem completely.

Natural morning sickness remedies that might help:

  • Smelling freshly cut lemons
  • Eat five or six smaller meals per day
  • Ginger, in capsule form or ginger ale or ginger tea
  • Avoid smoking
  • Eat toasted bread or dry crackers
  • Try to avoid an empty stomach
  • Acupressure bands might be helpful
  • Avoid rushing out of bed in the morning
  • Try a short walk in the fresh air

Morning sickness might be accepted by some as a condition which pregnant women just have to endure, but if you are feeling nauseous every morning and it's sapping your strength and leaves you feeling completely drained seeking out natural help is recommended. If you are vomiting more than two or three times every day, if you notice blood in your vomit, or if your weight is deteriorating and no natural remedy seems to help, then consult your doctor who may prescribe baby-safe anti-sickness tablets. Also consult a medical professional if you think that your sickness is something more than "normal" morning sickness.

Keep in mind that morning sickness affects over half or all pregnant women out there, so you are definitely not alone. Chances are high that you know somebody who understands from experience precisely what you are going through. Talk to family and friends and discuss ways to ease the symptoms. Remember that it will not last too long, and before you know it you will have almost forgotten the feeling.