Female Sexual Health & Orgasms

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Female Sexual Health & ... Dana ... © ... has been ... interest in female sexual health in the past few years largely due to the ... of effec

Female Sexual Health & Orgasms
By Dana Huston
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There has been increased interest in female sexual health in
the past few years largely due to the development of
effective treatments and orgasm boosters.

Physicians are now learning what happens with females
during sexual excitement and orgasm.

With the knowledge of normal physiology during orgasm,Guest Posting
physicians as well as therapists, can now help females with
their sexual difficulties.

Sexual wellness for a woman translates simply to being able
to have a satisfying sex life. Sex can only be truly satisfying
if an orgasm is achieved and there is no discomfort during

Many women go throughout life never experiencing the joy
of an orgasm let alone multiple ones. Sometimes sex can be
uncomfortable if not downright painful. There are multiple
reasons for female sexual health problems like this that
we'll examine.

Female Sexual Dysfunction & Female Sexual Health:

Psychological female sexual health dysfunction tends to be
relatively common. Mental and emotional contributors,
which include stress, changes in body image, relationship
issues, and changes in sexual expectations all contribute to
psychogenic Female Sexual Health problems.

There is no physical damage holding back a satisfying sex

Female sexual dysfunction brought about by the use of anti
depression drugs, antihistamines and beta blockers to
reduce blood pressure could be considered a subset of this
female sexual health problem.

A Neurogenic female sexual health problem is a term used
when female sexual dysfunction is associated with a
neuropathy, which interferes with sensations between the
brain and the sexual organs.

Organic causes of female sexual dysfunction, which is
extremely common, are more complex and varied that of

The female sexual health function is a complex interaction
of hormonal events and psychosocial relationships. Apart
from the emotional or psychological causes, atherosclerosis
of the arteries still plays an important role as do physical
changes which can include vaginal dryness or atrophy which
in turn contributes to vaginal pain or irritation, fatigue,
sleep disturbances, hot flashes, night sweats, and other
general female sexual health concerns.

Some synthetic progestins commonly used for contraception
have also been associated with a decrease in libido.

It's because of the complexity and the scope of the organic
causes of female sexual health problems that drug
companies haven't been successful in producing the female
product equivalent to male 'Viagra'.

Female sexual health problems have to studied using a
natural approach from many different areas.

Recovering Your Sex Life & Eliminating Female Sexual
Health Problems:

If you think that your female sexual health problem is
psychological and you can't determine the root cause or just
aren't sure how to deal with it, then you should seek
professional help.

Talk with your physician or other female sexual health
professional to find a good sex therapist in your area that
could help you.

Other than unique devices such as vibrators that help to
arouse you sexually, there are other products, although not
very effective, that have been approved for use by women
suffering from female sexual health problems.

These are for the most part suction devices designed to be
placed over your clitoris to try to help force blood into the
general area and to engorge the clitoris in readiness for
sexual activity.

Not exactly a very effective or sexually exciting thing to do.

Although trials are underway with drugs to help eliminate
female sexual health problems, the current feedback is not

This is understandable because although there are some
similarities in women's sexuality as in men, such as the
need for the clitoris (as with the penis) to become engorged
with blood in order to reach orgasm.

One problem however is that this is just one function of the
female sexual response. Nonetheless you can be sure that
research will continue and there is no doubt that at some
time an approved drug for female sexual health problems
will be released.

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