Hairy Myths Debunked

Jul 22


Katie Clontz

Katie Clontz

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This article discusses whether or not certain hair statements are fact or fiction.


We’ve all heard the following statements: Rinsing hair with cold water will make it shinier. Frequent hair trimming helps hair grow faster and thicker. People should switch what types of shampoo they use so hair doesn’t get used to a particular brand.

The truth is, Hairy Myths Debunked Articles there is so much hair care information available that it’s often hard discern what’s true and what should be taken with a grain of salt.

Let’s take a few minutes to clarify some of these statements.

You should alternate what kind of shampoo and conditioner you are using so your hair doesn’t get used to a certain brand. Fact of fiction? FICTION! According to an article by Pantene, the way your hair looks can be affected by a number of factors. For instance, over time, build ups of styling products or excess conditioner can create residue, which affects hair’s overall appearance and its ability to be styled.

Frequent haircuts make hair grow faster. Fact or fiction? FICTION! In a Good Housekeeping article, John Barrett, who owns the John Barrett Salon in New York, said that hair grows an average of one-half inch per month whether it is cut or not. Trimming split ends can help hair appear healthier, Barrett said, but it won’t affect how quickly hair will grow.

Rinsing hair with cold water helps make hair shiner. Fact or fiction? FACT! A recent Shine from Yahoo article says that a rinse of cold water actually helps flatten down the cuticle, which helps create a shinier, sleeker appearance.

Wearing your hair in tight braids or buns can contribute to hair loss. FACT! A Hair article suggests that over tightening to the the scalp caused by tightly-woven braids and buns can cause hair breakage and loss.