How To Pick The Right Cuff And Bracelets For Spring & Summer Season

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Cuff and bracelets remain one of the hottest trends of the year. Here are certain fashion tips that can help you pick the best bracelets for the spring and summer season.

One of the hottest trends in fashion jewelry for the year’s spring and summer season are bracelets,Guest Posting especially cuff bracelets. There are a vast number of different pieces available in the market which can turn a seemingly plain outfit into something hip and trend! A simple outfit like a nice shirt and jeans can become glamorous with the addition of a nice brass cuff bracelet with matching earrings.

Making a Bold Statement

The leading style of bracelets for the spring and summer season are the big and bold bracelets. Over sized cuff bracelets, big chunky beads and large geometric shapes are being heavily favored by many in the industry. You can get something with a more ethnic or something that is avant guarde. It’s all about making a big and bold statement!

The Natural Look

There is focus on getting bracelets and cuff bracelets in natural colors and materials. Metal, wood, cork, stone – these materials are the forerunners in this season’s fashion trends. Try to get bracelets which have an organic and natural look. Don’t go for bracelets which clearly give off an artificial or ‘man made’ feel. Look for bangles that have a tribal or ethnic inspiration to them. Don’t be afraid to experiment with print bangles – they can add some zing to an otherwise plain outfit.

It’s All About Colors

Summer and spring is all about breaking out an entire wardrobe of vibrant colors. Nothing says ‘spring’ and ‘summer’ better than accessories in bright, vivid, eye catching colors. Don’t shy away from getting bold colored bracelets. Turquoise, pinks, reds, blues – these are the colors that are available either on their own or with different materials like metal or leather. A neutral or monotone outfit can get heads turning when matched up with some exquisitely colored bracelets.

Metal Madness

Having at least one gold and one silver cuff bracelet is a must in your jewelry collection. But gold and silver prices behind what they are, there are a variety of other metal bracelets that serve as excellent alternatives. Earthy metals such as brass, hammered metal, copper and rose gold are becoming wildly popular. Brass is one option that you must include in your collection – be it hammered, coiled or beaten. If you can find a bracelet which uses brass together with beads or wood, do not pass it up! Nothing makes a more perfect complement to denim than a beautiful brass bracelet.

Mix & Match

There is nothing more eye catching than seeing bracelets in contrasting colors on one arm. You can play around with different colored bracelets in order to create the best effect. You can also play with different materials - don’t be afraid to experiment! Try wearing different metals together with leather or beads. There is no end to the different combinations available to you!

Love For Nature

The motifs for the spring and summer season: Flowers and butterflies. This year, having floral or butterfly related accessories are a must. And they do not have to be small or delicate either! Having large sized flower accessory can make a bold and fresh statement. They can bring a very stylish look to an otherwise very stuff outfit.

Experiment with Length

This year’s bracelets come in different sizes. There are thin sized bangles available which can give an excellent minimalistic look. For a more bold statement, thick bangles can be used. Different length bangles can be mixed together to create a more unique and stylish look. Some thin metal bracelets can be matched together with more earthy or natural bracelets.

An Affordable Trend

Cuff’s and bracelets are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and prices. This is a fashion trend that even students can carry off without having to spend too much money. The least expensive kind of bracelets and cuff’s are available in materials like plastic, chunky beads or acrylic. A wide variety of very stylish bracelets can be bought online. They come in a variety of different materials such as plastic, bone, wood, leather and metal and look just as good as their more expensive counterparts.

The whole theme this season is for women to experiment with the different materials and try to find the style that best states their style. Women can state their individual style and taste by mixing and matching different bracelets.

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