How to take care of the human hair wig

Dec 19


Wendy Wee

Wendy Wee

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Nothing can match your own original and natural hair but in some situation you can also make use of the human hair wig. 


The human hair wig that you are using you has to take proper care of it. If you take proper care of the human hair then it will last longer and the human hair will continue to retain their new look. Some of the steps that you should follow to take care of your human hair wig are mentioned herewith.

Firstly,How to take care of the human hair wig Articles when you are not wearing your hair wig then you should store them properly on a wig stand and to wash the wig you have to follow all of the instruction that comes with it about how to wash it. Secondly, when you are washing the human hair wig then you have to make use of proper hair wig shampoo and you should not ever rub it with a cleaner because it may cause tangling.

Thirdly, you should also protect the wig from the touch of any oil and so when you wear the wig in your hair you should keep your hair oil free so to avoid this you can wear a wig cap under the wig. Fourthly, after wearing the human hair wig for several times you have to clean it and to clean it you can make use of the wig pick for the curly wig and wig brush for straight hair wig.

Fifthly, you should carefully comb the tangles of your human hair wig. If there are more tangles in your human hair wig then you should try to remove it using a wire brush or your finger and while doing so you have to start from the bottom. Sixthly, if in your human hair wig any mark of makeup is left then you have to remove it with a toothbrush.

Seventhly, after you wash your human hair wig with a shampoo then you should make use of a conditioner and then to dry off the human hair wig you can make use of towel and slowly twist or wring it. After that you can place the wig on a wig rack to let it dry. Eighthly, if you want to wear the human hair wig soon then you should dry it using a blow wig drier by setting it at low.

 Ninthly, after drying the human hair wig you have to gently comb or brush it and to apply some style in it you can make use of iron roller etc. Tenthly, to give some sparkling or some new look to the human hair wig you can also spray some hairspray. 

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