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Instant ... Skin Regime: Most of us have days when we look in the mirror and simply despair of our ... This is the plan for those moments. It will ... ... your skin, making

Instant Beautiful Skin Regime:
Most of us have days when we look in the mirror and simply despair of our appearance. This is the plan for those moments. It will instantly reenergize your skin,Guest Posting making it look healthier and you feel better. We know that avoiding the four major toxins (smoking, alcohol, stress, and sunlight) will support beautiful skin in the long run.

Carry-out the following programme once to improve the look of your skin instantly, then use the elements marked with an * to support beautiful skin for good.

1. YOGA*
It sounds strange but actually starting by grimacing your facial muscles in repetitive motions actually tones your facial muscles by increasing circulation. Hold the grimace for longer and longer periods, inhale and exhale concurrently, slowly relax and allow the tension and stress to exit your body – 3-5 minutes totally is adequate timing.

Studies have shown and Dermatologists concur, effective skin cleansing is the foundation of beautiful skin. Find an all-natural product specifically suited to your skin type and use consistently. Massage gently with your fingertips and rinse only with cool water. IH Distribution LLC sells cleansing products specifically designed for individual skin types. You can have a free consultation on the products that fit your needs and order via E-mail at

The use of a masque specifically developed for your skin type from all-natural products including herbs and amino acids will thoroughly clean the pores, significantly increase circulation, and provide the deep cleansing that is required to penetrate deep enough for maximum cleansing. There are three specific products distributed by IH Distribution LLC for distinct skin types:

A. Mild Masque is recommended for normal-to-dry, mature, and sensitive skin. It should be used twice weekly. Its heart is apricot oil blended with fine white kaolin clay. It invigorates worn-looking skin.

B. Extra Strength Masque is recommended for normal-to-oil and acne prone skin twice per week. Cleanses and refines stubborn pores from a scientific blend of kaolin clay, cornmeal, jojoba, and ginseng. Improves color, clarify, and firmness.

C. Thermal Fusion Enzyme Masque is recommended for all types except sensitive. Should be used in the PM after cleansing and before toner. This is a revolutionary skin care technology that brings together heat and water and the secret Papain, an enzyme that removes dead skin cells by actually dissolving protein.

Steaming helps release toxins and impurities that may be under the skins surface, blocking circulation. Fill a bowl of boiling water, then gently place your face about 4”-5” from the surface and hold for 2-3 minutes. This is NOT recommended if you have Asthma as it can irritate the respiratory tract.

Using cold water, quickly splash the skin 20-30 times with water, pat it dry, and do NOT rub. On a night when you haven’t steamed the skin, this can be done with ice water to rapidly increase the flow of blood to the area. Cold water temperatures should be avoided on steam nights due to drastic temperature change and the possibility of stressing or breaking small facial veins. After splashing is a perfect time to use a toner and the best available is NutriMinC RE9 Resorting Mist Balancing Toner, available from IH Distribution LLC. This will set the correct pH, remove final traces of masque, and restores balance for maximum moisture retention. It will visually tone, firm, and smooth your skins surface while protecting against oxidative stress and environmental aging factors.

This step is the most critical for using the right product for your skin type. To moisturize, start at your chin, gently smoothing the skin upwards with fingertips. Don’t tug at the skin, just smooth it. Repeat at least 5 times. Then, repeat the move over your cheeks. Pat the cheeks and jaw 5-10 times, start lightly but increasing the pressure. Stroke around the temples and forehead repeating the patting motion. When the middle of the forehead is reached, alternate each index finger to brush rapidly upwards from the middle of your brows to you hairline. Make this feel like a smooth, rolling motion. The NutriMinC RE9 products have the significant advantage of revolutionary technology that is applicable to all skin types (except sensitive). The product is available from IH Distribution LLC and comes in both an SPF8 Day Crème and Recovery Night Crème. The products protect against transdermal water loss and increase skin lipid barrier functions. The key to the product is the proprietary blend of 7 plant nutrients configured naturally without petrochemicals or animal by-products.

Using a product such as NutriMinC Re9 Corrective Eye Crème, dab a little cream along the socket bone line below your eye (cream should never go directly on the eye), massage well using gentle upward strokes. Complete by patting your first finger along the eye socket bone.

It is absolutely essential to use a premium, natural, skin care line that is developed from botanicals using amino acids and herbs as the foundation for the product. NEVER use products from petrochemical or animal-based formulations. Be consistent with the skin care products that you use, changing constantly can potential aggravate the skin and worsen its appearance. IH Distribution LLC sells products that are formulated in Switzerland for the European health spa industry and are now available from production sources in the US.

IH Distribution LLC can be contacted at, free samples can be obtained for postage and handling of $3.95, and a free skin consultation is also available.

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